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SUP staycation 2020?

At time of writing, with lockdown restrictions eased slightly in England, it seems that planned summer holiday of SUP are no longer on the cards. Which makes sense when you think about it. Air travel isn’t exactly conforming to social distancing rules…

So will 2020 be the year of the English SUP staycation?

It could be… But even this may have caveats. Thronging beaches, full of interminglers, is also highly risky. And the last thing any county wants to do is ‘police’ once popular beauty spots – some of which are great of stand up paddle boarding.

Negatives aside, however, and if things should improve, with infection risk dropping further, then maybe your SUP staycation can go ahead. After all, the UK at large is a thing of beauty. Out in the wilds or on the water (inland or coastal) we have stunning vistas, scenery and nature to enjoy. And there’s no better way to experience many of these spots than from aboard a SUP.

With regard to many of the abundant SUP put ins around the country there’s not huge amounts of information – from a stand up point of view that is. Hopefully, McConks can begin to address this though. Look out for our bitesize SUP location guides coming soon. And fingers crossed we can all enjoy a SUP staycation this summer at least.

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