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SUP spring is on the way? Met Office long range weather predictions.

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SUP and spring go together like strawberries and cream (for many). After a winter SUP hiatus, where kit’s been left hanging to dry, the new spring season sounds the hooter for stand up paddling once again. School half term has been in effect (and still is for certain areas). But even with Feb hols happening unless there’s been an overseas sojourn to somewhere warm SUP shenanigans have possibly been in short supply? Mostly because it’s February with relatively cold conditions. Although actually it’s been quite mild for the time of year.

At time of writing (Feb 24, 2022) there’s a cold front sweeping across the UK bringing snow to parts. In all areas, it’s set to be rather cool. So still no real windows of opportunity for the fair weather stand up paddler. It’s pretty breezy as well. Which is another prohibiting factor. Once again it’s all eyes on spring. Or at least the period we consider the start of spring – i.e. end of March when the clocks change.

Long range SUP weather predictions.

We remind of this all the time when publishing long range weather related articles. There’s no guarantee of weather scenarios this far in advance. But as forecasting technology improves the signals we get do give an indication. Some loose plans for paddling could potentially be made. The only caveat being these could be subject to change as we draw closer to the date in question.

Spring SUP weather is on the way?

This all being said the Met Office’s long range weather prediction is quite promising for the period being focused on. In the short term, the UK’s weather is likely to remain changeable, rather wet but actually quite mild. There’ll probably be a few cooler spells where it’ll turn calmer. Which may present windows of SUP opportunity for those that can. But the end of March has signals for better weather. And that could potentially be great news for Spring stand up paddlers. Check out what the Met Office says below – the key points highlighted.

Thursday 10 Mar – Thursday 24 Mar

Changeable conditions are expected to continue through the period. It is expected to be wetter than average overall, most notable in upslope areas of the north and west however, it is expected to slowly become drier through the end of the period. Remaining windy in early March, especially in the northwest, but slowly becoming calmer towards late March. Temperatures are likely to remain mild, perhaps near average in the northwest with brief colder spells.

Very much a suck it and see scenario as the whole picture still may change. It’s hard not to get a tingling of excitement though. And the best advice is to make sure all your stand up paddle boarding gear is ready for action come the dawn of spring 2022. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Mother Nature’s moods moving forwards. If you want to see the full Met Office long range weather article then hit this link.

Also, don’t forget to cross reference this information with your own local weather forecast. And then interpret the data according to your chosen/local put in for the best experience possible. The following articles may help here.

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