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SUP spring is now sprung! Long range weather update.

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SUP spring is now most definitely sprung! If you head outdoors today (as with the last few) it’s glorious, sunny and featuring generally light winds. Coastal areas are a tad breezier than inland spots. And we appreciate that whilst this is a general picture there are parts that mightn’t be quite as good as described. That said, air temps are well up into the teens at nearly every location. Edinburgh (at time of writing – Mar 22, 2022) is forecast to hit 15C. Manchester is on for a whopping 18C! And Cardiff 16C.

If you’ve been following these updates over the last few weeks you’ll have noticed how long range weather predictions have swung from being not super good, to more optimistic. Well, as it stands the good weather signals have indeed come to fruition. And with that (as spring 2022 is now officially in effect) it’s most definitely time to get on your SUP board and make the most of it. We know many of you have already been doing this…

Cold water shock.

Just a quick word on water temps. Whilst thermometer readings may be on the rise for air it should be noted that all stretches of water – coastal or inland – will be at the air coldest. Falling in the drink may be a refreshing respite for some but don’t underestimate the dangers of going suddenly from warm to cold. Cold water shock is a real issue at this time of year for anyone not prepared and wearing the correct attire.

The sweetness of SUP spring – pic: Lynsey Miles.

If in doubt with your SUP wear err on the side of caution. Best tip is to layer up and be in a position where you can remove garments as you get hotter and replace them when it becomes chilly.

You can find out more about cold water shock via this link.

Further good SUP weather in store?

Back to the weather and the Met Office’s long range predictions moving forwards. Is there a good chance we’ll be getting more fabulous SUPtastic conditions? In the short term: yes! For the remainder of March, it looks like being a glorious period across most of the UK. Mercury levels are predicted to stay above average for the time of year with little in the way of rain. Mist and fog may make appearances in some areas at times with some breeze or light winds spoiling the party at certain spots. But it shouldn’t be too off putting. Early April may then be all change with changeable conditions moving back in.

See the full Met Office Long Range weather forecast below.

Saturday 26 Mar – Monday 4 Apr

High pressure will continue to dominate through the majority of this period, bringing dry and settled conditions for most, though it is likely to be cloudier across the far north with some rain and drizzle at times. Some localised mist and fog is possible overnight but will retreat to windward coasts by day. Daytime temperatures are likely to be above average at first, when it will feel warm in the prolonged spring sunshine, but will decline slowly through the period, with a low chance of significantly colder weather spreading from the north for a time. It could be windy at times in the north, with generally lighter winds for other parts of the United Kingdom.

Tuesday 5 Apr – Tuesday 19 Apr

Turning more unsettled during early April, with showers or longer periods of rain. These showers are likely to be heavy at times, with hail and thunder. Drier and more settled spells are still possible but are likely to be more short-lived than in late March. Temperatures are most likely to be near average, or perhaps slightly below at times.

So best advice is get some SUP whilst it’s beautiful. Your area may do better than others if a change occurs. But whilst it’s wall to wall glorious it’d be a shame to miss it.

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Pics: Lynsey Miles.

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