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SUP Spring 2022 – how’s it looking weather wise?

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SUP spring 2022 is approaching fast. Now into March we start spring official on Mar 20. And as we said in our last post looking at long range SUP weather for the new season kick off it’s all eyes on that date for a good many paddlers.

If you haven’t dug out your gear after a winter hiatus then we’d suggest you do so to give it a once over and check everything’s water worthy. It’d be a shame to miss a new season SUP session because of equipment malfunction. But what about the weather?

SUP spring weather ’22 long range.

Last time we updated the Met Office’s long range weather predictions for the official spring SUP kick off were good to middling. It was suggested high pressure would be in charge (mainly) with intermittent bouts of unsettled conditions coming and going.

During the last few weeks (since Storm Eunice) the weather’s been pretty sedate. Of course, not in all areas but these predictions and bird’s eye views are broad and generalised (such is the UK’s weather). We’ve had some calm and sunny periods with a few waterworks and breezy conditions. Nothing like Storm Eunice since though. There’s been plenty of opportunity for getting out fair weather SUPing. And even though it’s still early doors (read end of winter) in the season it’s been pretty mild – relative to time of year.

Shorter term SUP weather outlook.

During the next few days (up to Mar 16) it looks as though winds will be picking up. From a SE-NE direction. And with this air temperatures will cool off a tad. Spells of brighter weather in parts could occur but we may also see rain and some snow. As many will be aware it’s not uncommon for snow to make itself felt at this time of year. More so than earlier in winter.

All eyes on Mar 20 ’22 for the kick off of SUP spring.

There’s a suggestion for the start of spring that weather scenarios will become more unsettled. Strong winds and rain could be on the radar. Albeit (according to the Met at least) with spells of drier and brighter weather in between. This may induce groans from those looking to get out and paddle for the first since last year. But stick with it as there’s optimism in the forecast. It may be you have to pick and choose your sessions (although we appreciate some may be constrained by work and other responsibilities). The good news is though clocks will be changing in the next few weeks giving us more evening light and time to play with.

It seems on from there a north/south divide over the UK will come into effect. The northern half of the country seeing more changeable conditions whilst the south could enjoy favourable, high pressure dominated weather. Anyone living (or heading) darn sarf could score some decent SUP time if this becomes the case. And even if not our norther brethren will score find suitable SUPing we’re sure.

Ready to get back onboard?

So, a bit change, but still with plenty of optimism for SUP spring’s kick off 2022. Keep the faith and all will come good…  Check the full Met Office long range weather below –

Monday 7 Mar – Wednesday 16 Mar

Monday will be settled for most due to high pressure, with coastal areas experiencing cloud and a scattering of showers. Winds will strengthen during the day with cool temperatures through the day, overnight frosts developing in prone locations. For the rest of the week it will likely be initially, largely dry with some wintry showers possible, as we move through the period there will be an increasing likelihood of spells of rain, potentially preceded by snow, arriving from the west. Winds will likely strengthen through midweek with an increasing likelihood of coastal gales. Rather cool or even cold across much of the UK, but temperatures may begin to recover to nearer normal from the west later in the period.

Thursday 17 Mar – Thursday 31 Mar

Likely another period of unsettled weather developing with Atlantic weather systems expected to move across the UK bringing spells of wet and windy weather interspersed by brief drier and brighter interludes. At times, winds could be disruptive, although snow is likely to become shorter-lived through the second half of the month. Towards the end of the month a north-south split may develop with high pressure across the south with more changeable conditions likely in the north. Temperatures are expected to trend above average, although some brief colder interludes are still expected.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on further updates here –

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