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SUP Spring 2022 – how’s it looking weather wise (update)?

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We’ve been watching the weather closely and monitoring those predictions being given for Spring 2022 official. At the time of writing (13/3/22) we’re a mere five days away from the official start of spring which kicks off on Mar 20, 2022. As we’ve said in the past this often signals the start of SUP season for many following a winter hiatus. The problem often is that March is still only just outside of winter. And in fact, plenty of wintry weather events can occur – sometimes right through to May. Depending on where your location in the UK happens to be. None the less spring’s official start usually sees plenty of paddle boarders looking to once again get afloat. So it’s fingers and toes crossed for good weather conditions.

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Will spring ’22 deliver good SUP weather conditions?

These posts always come with the caveat that weather prediction is a given. Even with all that spangly technology Mother Nature often sees fit to do just what she wants. All the forecasting models in the world can give accurate predictions much more than three days out. Instead, long range weather predictions are based on signals that could deliver a best case scenario. These forecasts are also general and broad, so nowhere near being location specific. Hopefully though there’s enough optimism to encourage the dusting off of SUP gear, giving it a once over, repairing damage and replacing kit that needs new, in time for good weather windows of early season spring. If you’re still to dig your gear out then do it now! Trust us, you’ll be thankful you did if suddenly we get a period of cracking stand up paddle boarding conditions.

Interpreting the Met Office’s long range weather predictions.

So what are we looking like, as far as the Met Office’s long range weather predictions go? well, the good news is since our last post things seem to have improved. The last few weeks, but certainly the last few days across the UK have seen quite a bit of SUPtastic fair weather. Fairweather for time of year that is. High pressure has mostly been in charge, which looks set to continue. It’s been mild as well in a good few places. Certainly, there have been chilly mornings but this has given way to warmer midday periods. Breeze has also been in effect – coastal areas seeing the majority of gusts. Yet it’s been doable from a SUP point of view.

And moving forwards it looks as if this is set to continue with weather getting better. A few weeks back the Met Office was suggesting more changeable conditions whereas now it looks calmer and even more applicable to stand up paddling. Shorter periods of colder and/or blowy/wet weather may swing in from time to time. But the overall outlook’s looking (literally) bright. Nothing’s guaranteed but there’s no doubting the optimism which comes as very welcome news to many. See the full long weather forecast below.

Saturday 19 Mar – Monday 28 Mar

Some isolated mist and fog patches to start on Saturday, but these should clear through the morning making way for a dry day with plenty of sunshine, although some rain possible in the northwest. Breezy especially around some coastal areas, temperatures expected to be mild for most after a rather chilly start to the day. Throughout the rest of the period, high pressure is likely to dominate. Most areas should be dry, although breezy at times particularly in southern and western areas. Temperatures expected to be mild to very mild for most, however, there may be the odd chilly spell in some eastern areas. The sunniest weather is expected to be in the south and east, but there is a risk of overnight frost and fog too.

Tuesday 29 Mar – Tuesday 12 Apr

For the final days of March, high pressure is likely to continue. This means that dry and fine weather is expected, although there is still a low chance of periods of wind and rain in the west. Into April, it is probable that the high pressure will slowly recede eastwards, with the winds coming from the west or southwest again, bringing some wet, possibly very wet weather at times, associated with some strong winds too. Bands of rain are likely to be interspersed with brighter and showery conditions. It is expected to remain mild or very mild, although short periods of colder conditions are possible.

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