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SUP socials: paddling catch ups with mates.

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SUP socials are one way to make good use of your McConks stand up paddle board. Some head off to coffee shops, others prefer a video call with a cuppa. You may choose to catch up during school drop off after the kids have gone in or a stroll through the park with your bestie. Our money’s on SUP though as you’re ‘winning’ in multiple ways.

Pitching up with your paddle and heading off for a float with mates is a great way to keep that social networking going. Plus, you’re outdoors and enjoying some physical activity at the same time.

SUP socials with you rmates
Those who SUP together…

SUP Session catch ups.

SUP sessions like this don’t have to be hardcore or extreme. Simply meandering along atop calm, flat water will see you right. With a bit of previous stand up paddling experience your strokes can be on autopilot as you gas and talk. Occasionally pausing to take in the sights and sounds the communal stoke of standing and paddling on board whilst enjoy friendly catch ups is an extremely fulfilling thing. That warm glow having completed your sesh, in the company of friends, can be as addictive as SUP surfing wave, white water river run or touring SUP adventure route.

How much SUP fun can you have with mates?

Another example of how versatile stand up paddle boarding can be SUP socials are what many mean by the term ‘recreational paddling’. Usually done in groups sweeping around whilst nattering, laughing and engaging with others makes SUP a unique watersport and will keep you coming back for more.

SUP socials: paddling catch ups with your mates.
Sunrise SUP Yoga sessions – what better way to enjoy the company of friends?

The introduction of stand up paddling.

And for anyone who doesn’t already paddle what better way to enjoy some time together than heading to your nearest patch of brine and introducing them to SUP. Laughs and chuckles abound. Before too long they’ll have it cracked – as long as you choose the right location – and be piloting beside you jabbering away in the process.

We talk extensively about stand up paddle boarding performance at McConks as we aim to highlight just what can be done with our SUP gear. Yet stand up can be as mellow as you like without any kind of performance in sight. And that’s fine by us. whatever gets you out there, amongst it and having fun. If that happens to with your favourite people then all good!

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