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SUP personalities: kit quiver suggestions for riders wanting multiple McConks stand up paddle board options.

Beginning your SUP journey with a single stand up paddle board and paddle will be all you need. For many this will suffice right through their whole journey. Others, meanwhile, may be looking to spread their wings and head down specific routes. This may necessitate types of performance criteria and nudge the rider towards particular equipment. Alternatively, you could just be in the market for another inflatable to stop family members nicking yours! Whatever the situation here’re a few quiver suggestions based on typical stand up paddlers requirements to get you thinking. Feel free to tweak according to your personal situation.

Beginner/all round/recreational stand up paddlers.

When you take those first steps you need a stand up paddle board that’ll allow rapid progression and help you build confidence. The board should be stable yet offer enough leeway to advance and not become redundant. The McConks Go Anywhere range (10’6 and 10’8) is just that. A great choice for newbie SUPers that’s perfect for learning.

If you’re of bigger boned stature, or just fancy a bit more glide, then the 10’8 version works great. Or as we’re talking about quivers why not plump for both? It should also be noted the pulled in tails on these boards mean they work pretty good for SUP surfing. So if waves are your bag as well definitely worth checking the Go Anywhere line up out.

Kids and family stand up paddle boarders.

The family that paddles together…needs more than one stand up paddle board for sure! Avoid arguments and ensure everybody gets ample water time this summer.

We’ve already mentioned the McConks Go Anywhere range above which will suit recreational SUPers. For those with kids into the sport we have the McConks kid’s SUP shop with a bunch of child friendly stand up paddle boarding goodies available. The Go Explore 10’8 mini touring iSUP would be a good one as it’s versatile and fits the needs of youths perfectly.

For parents of children who paddle looking for a more surfy style of inflatable SUP the McConks Go Surf 9’2 could be a winner. Although it doesn’t need to be just for surf. Any younger nipper would do well aboard this as an all round SUP, that just so happens to work well in waves. And mum and dad , with relevant experience, could also find it fit their SUP surfing situations as well.

White water river paddlers.

Here at McConks we’ve always been keen on river paddling, living in close proximity to all manner of this style of put in. We also have our fair share of white water paddlers who’ve helped with white water product R&D over the years. So much so that McConks now has a solid range of white water inflatable SUPs to suit all tastes.

For those with leanings towards new school, manoeuvre orientated river running the Go Skate should be right up your street. It’s a compact, twin tip iSUP that’ll fit neatly into river wave pockets and allow a few pop shuvits, reos and whatever else you can dream up. And should you find yourself in front of a coastal wave it also doubles as a nifty surf SUP.

Not every river paddler wants to ‘surf’ though. Some are more interested in running lines, hucking drops and charging through rapids. You may also be a progressing river paddler that’d benefit from additional stability in their platform. In which case check out the Go X Wild which delivers on maximum river SUP performance yet remains accessible to all. It’s also a fun touring SUP in its own right whereever you may find yourself.

Stand up paddle board racers.

Just because the label ‘race’ gets attached to SUP products doesn’t mean you have to be vying for podium finishes. Of course, some may want this, in which case both the McConks Go Race V 14′ and Carbon Race SUP hard board (custom to order) will see both air and hard shell stand up paddle board bases covered.

Those competitive types will find lots of favour with both these machines but with the added versatility of being applicable to touring/adventure SUP.

Should you be up for a few bump catching shenanigans (ala downwind mode) you’ll also be served well by either of these platforms.

WindSUPers and wing heads.

Anyone who’s been into watersports for a while will know the limitations of paddling stand up paddle boards in wind – particularly headwinds. But if ‘watersports’ is your thing, with more than one discipline in the mix, chances are you’ll be a windsurfer or looking to get involved.

For the truly new school perhaps it’s wings that end up busted out of the kit bag when breeze ramps up? Either way McConks can accommadate.

We have both the inflatable Go Free 9’8 wing and widSUP inflatable (which can also double as a surf SUP) plus the hard shell 10’6 Freedom. The latter makes a great windSUP wave board whilst also remaining applicable for all round stand up paddle boarding. Can’t ask for more versatility than that!

The futurists.

Perhaps you’re a stand up paddle boarder who’s happy with their gear and not looking to add to this part of your ‘toy box’. You could, however, be open to new ways of riding (both on the water and on land). Some paddlers look to compliment their various disciplines by including new gear in their quivers. Enter Fly McConks – which you may have heard about – our sister brand specialising in foil and hover boards.

Fly McConks’ electric hydrofoil board range – the eSkate – could be just up your street. When you fancy flying above water effortlessly this is the product for you!

Keeping things hoverboard related, but Terra Firmafixed the Fly McConks one wheel Skatewheel electric skateboard gives a similar feeling to foiling but on land. It’s a completely plug ‘n’ play bit of kit that’s immense fun.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to add to your existing quiver of McConks stand up paddle board gear – we haven’t really scratched the surface with all the available combos. If you have any questions about of of McConks’ kit then just shout via the usual channels.

For more ideas about what McConks stand up paddle boards to choose hit this link.

And don’t forget we have the McConks SUP Selection Tool for more help with your first stand up paddle board or additional sleds.

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