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SUP paddle technique: non needed (is there?).

Stand up paddling is one of the most accessible watersports around; that’s one reason SUP‘s popularity keeps on rising. Simply getting atop a board and using your paddle to propel forwards, without any prior experience or technique needed, makes it vastly appealing. Yet thinking there’s no paddle technique involved whatsoever is a big misconception…

Ask any serious paddler from other disciplines such as kayaking, outrigger and canoeing about paddling technique and you’ll be given an in depth sermon. So much so that the uninitiated maybe be boggled to say the least. But understanding the mechancs regarding paddles and how to use them/it effectively is the key to progressing and improving.

We should add that if you’re not interested in pushing on skills wise then no worries. One of SUP‘s beauties is being able to keep it simple. For those not caring about technique carry on as normal.

For stand up paddlers who are interested, however, it’s worth doing your homework. We’re not technique gurus ourselves (although we do have some understanding). So rather than spiel it out we’d rather point you towards more accomplished oracles and resources of information if learning and understanding better SUP paddle technique is your goal.

One great resource for SUP paddle technique is the Paddle Monster site which has a whole host of vids and articles from the likes of Larry Cain and Travis Grant (to name a few). If you’ve never come across these names before then it’s also worth Googling…

Another font of all things paddle knowledge is Steve West who’s put the hours in over the years with outrigger canoeing but also the same with stand up paddle boarding. His book Stand Up Paddle is often referred to as the ‘SUP Bible’ and is chock full of info surrounding all aspect of paddling, not just SUP technique.

There are plenty of other resources available if you have a search online. Remember: knowledge is power, a sentiment which rings true with stand up paddle boarding as with everything else in life.

If you have any specific questions about SUP paddle technique then fire ’em our way. If we can’t answer we can point in the right direction of someone who can.

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