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SUP hacks, tips and tricks – stand up paddle board leash attachment options.

SUP hacks, tips and tricks – alternative stand up paddle board leash attachment options.

Leashes, or more accurately what type of leash for the environment you’re paddling in, have been talked about for years. If you’re SUP surfing at coastal venues then a straight leash is considered the go-to whereas river paddlers will be wearing a quick-release belt at the waist.

But what about if you’re paddling flat water recreationally? Should you go straight surf leash or coiled?

Ultimately your leash is a way of keeping you in contact with your stand up paddle board and therefore a safety feature of stand up paddling. But leashes can get in the way, particularly when stepping back to pivot turn. Leashes can also slip off your SUP’s deck and cause inefficient forwards momentum.

One solution could be attaching your leash to the board’s centrally-located carry handle. On some hard boards there’s a leash plug in the same place. As long as you’re not paddling in performance SUP environments then adopting this form of SUP tethering should be no issue. It may feel odd at first having your leash in front of you but quick smart you’ll get used to it and be enjoying a snag-free ride.

If you have side/rail handles you could also try fitting your leash here as well. Experimenting with SUP settings a sure-fire way to discover your optimum and what suits your SUP scenario the best.

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