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SUP hacks. Fixing your SUP pump pressure gauge

SUP hacks are designed to help all paddlers with potential ways of overcoming things during their stand up paddle boarding. Sometimes it’s about specific equipment hacks. While at other times is more generalist related to the sport you love. In this one we look at how to sort out a SUP pump pressure gauge.

Is your SUP pump not working?

If you’re having problems with your SUP pump pressure gauge, you might find this troubleshooting video helpful.

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Fixing your SUP pump gauge
Fixing your pump gauge

Here at McConks, we appreciate the need for information. After all, why should you (or would you) know about something? Particularly when learning how paddle board. There’s so much info you have to absorb and take on board (no pun intended!).

This is why we publish paddle board hacks and knowledge articles. To help you learn. Of which, you’ll find more of this type of content over in the McConks Knowledge Hub section here.

If you’ve got any questions, post them below and we’ll see what we can do to answer!

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