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SUP hack #3569 – attaching additional D-rings to an inflatable stand up paddle board.

SUP hacks include all kinds of things. From on water paddling tips to fixes and customising your inflatable stand up paddle board . There are many ways you can do this. There are a couple of ways, however, that are both practical and pimped. In this instance we’re talking about adding extra D-rings so a sit on top kayak seat can be fitted.

Why might you want more D-rings on your SUP?

Generally, D-rings atop stand up paddle boards are for lashing essentials and stowing belongings. They’re a way to ensure you don’t lose your kit while off on SUP adventures.

White water river SUP McConks
Adding more D-rings to your paddle board will give ability to carry more gear.

Most paddle boards these days come equipped with D-ring attachment points. But it’s often touring SUPs that offer more. at least when compared to all round inflatable paddle boards for instance. However, you may not want to change your board from a 10’6. In which case, simply afix some new D-rings.

McConks boss man’s SUP hack.

This SUP hack from McConks’ boss man Andy. Who knows plenty about customising and modding stand up paddle boards.

  • Step 1: You’ll probably need to trim the patches the D-rings sit in so that’ll be your first job.
  • Step 2: Mark out the position you want them. If fitting a kayak seat it should be centred over the carry handle, so probably about 40 cm in front and behind, but check with the seat straps. Once you have the position mark with a pencil.
  • Step 3: Use some fine sandpaper to slightly scuff up both the marked area of the board and the bottom of the D-ring.
  • Step 4: Cut some moulds from foam. You’ll need to apply weight to the outside of the D-rrings to stop them peeling up during setting.  We normally cut hollow circles out of the foam that comes with the boards which allows weight to be applied to outside
  • Step 5: Apply the glue to both board and bottom of D-ring and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Step 6: Apply more glue to both surfaces and leave to go tacky (between 5 and 10 mins).
  • Step 7: Firmly push the two surfaces together and apply the foam moulds and a weight.
  • Step 8: After 10 minutes take weight off and remove any glue residue. Reapply moulds and weight and leave for 60 minutes.
  • Step 9: Remove moulds and weight to check positioned properly. Reapply and leave for 24-48 hours (the closer to 48 hours the better).
  • Step 10: Test them by pulling.

Summing up.

Plenty of us like faffing and tinkering – some more than others, granted. You might not think an inflatable paddle boards can be modified too much. But there’s always a way. As this article highlights. If you’re looking to tweak your SUP in any way take a look at the McConks Knowledge Hub section where you’ll find more inspiration on the subject.

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