You are currently viewing SUP hack #3524: How do you change the length of a fixed SUP paddle?

SUP hack #3524: How do you change the length of a fixed SUP paddle?

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Here’s one from recently which we communicated to a McConks SUP customer…

Changing the length of a fixed SUP paddle doesn’t need to be overly complicated or daunting. Instead, follow the simple steps below and hey presto! One newly converted, fit for purpose SUP paddle.

  • Cut the shrink wrap away from your new toy (we shouldn’t have to state the obvious but just to be on the safe side).
  • Apply heat gun or hot hair dryer to the shaft and moisten up/loosen the hot glue.
  • Remove the handle.#
  • Use a hacksaw to cut the SUP paddle shaft to length but careful to keep the cut as uniform as possible. Try no to go at this hammer an tongue, potentially chunking the carbon or fibreglass. Use a sharp (new) hacksaw blade if possible.
  • Put shrink wrap around the shaft (McConks can send you some for the cost of postage).
  • Apply adhesive (we use the hottest hot glue you can get so people can change the length easily).
  • Replace the SUP paddle palm grip.
  • Reposition the shrink wrap and heat with hot hairdryer or low heat heat gun.
  • Job done!

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