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SUP hack #23904: repairing an adjustable paddle shaft clamp (inner).

SUP hacks are extensive. Everyone has their own little ways of doing things to get stand up paddle boarding kit back in workable order. For this SUP hack, we look at adjustable paddles. More specifically we look at how to fix an adjustable paddle clamp.

Adjustable SUP paddle locking mechanisms.

You can most split adjustable paddle locking mechanisms into two types. The snap pin lock style and the sheath clamp, as is being highlighted here. Snap pin lock adjustable SUP paddle locks are pretty immovable once fastened in place. A downside of these is you can’t tune to adjustment length incrementally. Usually, the settings are spaced a few cm apart.

In contrast, a sheath/cuff type clamp offers the exact opposite. Riders can set their shaft line to millimeter precision. Unfortunately, if you need to remove the extendable part of the paddle you run the risk of losing the inner shim. The ensure paddle security, and the clamp locks tight (usually) a section of plastic sits just inside the paddle’s shaft. When you clamp the security cuff tight it makes the paddle secure. The shim can come loose, however, and in some cases (as has happened here) it gets pushed further down the inner shaft. When you try to secure the telescopic part of the paddle it’s no dice. So what to do?

Good old electrical tape.

Watersports peeps have used electrical tape and Gaffer tape to good effect, in various ways, over the years. Whilst on the face of it this may appear like a ‘bodge’ if done repairs are carried out accurately it makes your piece of gear last a lot longer.

We’re using electrical tape to create a makeshift new inner shim for your SUP paddle. And based on experience it’s a quick and simple repair that lasts for quite a while.

How to – the repair.

  • Firstly, check to see if the shim can’t be retrieved. You can try and hook it out of the paddle shaft’s inside. If it can be salvaged you’ll need to use adhesive to secure it back in place.
  • With the shim lost inside your paddle it’s time to call on your trusty roll of electrical tape.
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the locking screws on the outer paddle clamp fully.
  • If your paddle extension has numbered settings you’ll have to wrap the tape around the shaft with the top of the tape sitting on your preferred setting.
  • You’ll only need a few layers of tape as the gap inside the paddle shaft will be small. Go easy to start with.
  • Insert the top section into the shaft and position it accordingly. The tape should be sitting in line with the clamp.
  • Tighten the clamp screws until you have pressure on the clamp itself. If you overtighten the screws you won’t close the clamp. Don’t force the clamp shut otherwise it’ll break.
  • If the clamp shuts then test the extension to check for slippage. If it slips take the extension back out and add another layer of tape.
  • Repeat the process until the clamp closes tightly and the paddle extension doesn’t move.

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