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SUP for winter – paddling styles for the off season.

SUP for winter we ask? It’s still summer we hear you shout. The irony… Having just published an article about the potential next summer heatwave we’re now banging on about winter. But rest assured. Those darker months will be upon us quicker than you’d care for. That’s not saying paddling has to stop. You may just have to change the way you SUP to keep those motivation levels. So here are a few ways to spice up your paddle boarding when winter finally rolls around.

SUP surfing.

This is perhaps an obvious one but when winter swings in you’re more likely to get those swells pulsing. Standing up on a board with a paddle and taking it to the surf is the next level. And super fun to boot!

So why paddle in waves? Having a paddle allows riders to get more waves, enjoy longer rides and ride in smaller conditions than you would normally be surfing a prone board. Your wave riding days increase in tandem. And it’s the perfect winter surf sport as you’re predominantly on top of the water instead of in it (hopefully).

Super fun – and SUP surfing doesn’t even need waves as big as pictured.

SUP snowboarding.

Many of us in winter get the odd of snow. Some perhaps more than others. For most, it’s not conducive to heading afloat when the white stuff flurries. But that shouldn’t stop you. Inflatable SUPs are great for sliding along atop fluffy powder. Here at McConks we’ve done our fair share of it over the years.

Time to bust some loose and rip a turn or two (or maybe do a blue run and sip some vin chaud?). Well, maybe not quite but as a poor man’s snowboarding session it’s tremendous fun.

Who doesn’t love the odd bit of snow?


Cycling as a sport is probably one of the most popular outdoor pursuits there is. Everyone owns a bike don’t they – even if just a tatty mangled wreck nestling among the brambles at the back of the garden? And there’s nothing wrong with treating your paddle board in the same way you would a bike.

Approaching your local waterways as you would when in the saddle you’re primed to get amongst a varied amount of different conditions. Moving water, white water, placid water and routes where portages are required all add to the interest and stoke of SUP. Treated as an all terrain vehicle – or rather all water – SUP is immense fun that’ll literally take you anywhere there’s liquid.

SUP can take you anywhere there’s water.

Land paddling.

Land paddling can come with a perceived stigma attached. Many think they’re too old to ride a skateboard. BUt bear with us as land paddling can really aid SUP on water.

Land paddling quiver ready to go.

Instead of using a paddle riders utilise specially made land paddles and ride oversize skate decks. It may sounds lame but it’s actually good fun and great for super cold weather days. The paddle propels you along and enthusiasts can cover a decent amount of distance. And you don’t need to make it extreme to enjoy a good Terra Firma paddle. In fact, even in warmer months land paddling can be a good training tool.

And if you want to take things further add a wing for some land based wing skating fun.

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