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SUP detoxing post-festive season.

SUP detoxing can be put into action at any time of year. But during the festive season it’s safe to say most of us will overindulge. Understandably, with all those rich and yummy foods and beverages around we indulge and celebrate during Christmas and New Year. Post-festivities though and many will be looking to rid themselves of those accumulated toxins and start afresh. And if this is you the good news is that as a stand up paddler you’ve the best tool to detox with!

SUP detoxing routines.

Getting out for a paddle, even in the depths of winter, is great for mind and soul. It can help you reset, find some headspace and also have a positive, healthy impact on your body. Having stuffed your face with turkey and trimmings, chowed down on truffle chocolates and perhaps enjoyed one two many alcoholic tipples detoxing aboard your SUP will be a great way to kick off the new year. It’s fun and therefore not as arduous as dieting for instance.

SUP detoxing post-festive season.
Winter stand up paddle sessions to help the post-festive detox.

Subcutaneous fatty tissues, where toxins are stored can be reduced with physical activity like SUP. Your digestive system will ramp up its efficiency with paddling and aid the detox process further. Your heart will work harder, pumping more oxygenated blood to the brain and muscles. This in turn will make you feel energised. Breathing deeply, as you do when exercising, expands the lungs further which also knocks on to your heart and improves its work rate. All this helps the SUP detox routine as well as giving you a feel good glow.

Low impact exercise.

Unless you’re training for that next open ocean sprint race chances are your stand up paddle boarding is a low impact activity. This can help reduce stress and although low impact you’ll still probably work up a sweat. Toxins are released from the body via sweating and managing stress can be achiveed just by paddling a few sessions per week. This can positively impact other areas of your life, such as sleeping. Having enjoyed a winter stand up paddle boarding sesison you’re much more likely to sleep better which will aid also the detox process.

The low impact exertive properties of SUP are widely reported.

Overall wellness and feelings of positivity can stem from SUP (or other low impact exercises). You’ve probably heard about stand up paddling’s health benefits before. There’s no question it works and can help with all areas of your life. This article from SUP Connect talks more about using SUP for detoxing purposes.

It could be worth putting a SUP detox routine in the diary now for when the fireworks and parties have finished up. At the least, it’ll be something to look forward to for January 2022.

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