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SUP December – festive season paddle boarding motivation.

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December can be a funny month for paddle boarding. The festive season is often very busy, socially, and the weather isn’t always that inspiring. Temperatures have gotten colder, as has the water. Yet it’s also a period when paddlers do have some spare time. The obvious one being that ‘limbo’ few days between Christmas and New Year. But there can be other days too.

Often there’s a lack of motivation to get out for a float, even with time allowing. Yet December can be worth a paddle if only to burn off some of those additional festive calories and clear woolly-headedness. Here at McConks we embrace all season paddling. Come rain or shine, cold or warm we’re up for a SUP. And there are plenty who share the same feeling. But for those who don’t, or have never contemplated winter stand up paddle boarding, it’s worth looking at the forecast this December and if you can eyeing up your potential window of opportunity. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve been for a glide when everyone else is feeling sluggish after that umpteenth Christmas ‘do’. Or even post-Christmas dinner. SUP’s a great one for getting reenergised.

In an effort to create some SUP fire stoke this December we’ve created a bunch of inspirational graphics to get your juices flowing and in the mood for SUP. Check some of them out below. be sure to follow McConks on Instagram and Facebook to see more of these during December 2022. And don’t forget to hit up the McConks SUP shop for any gear you may need to keep at it this December.

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