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SUP dark – paddling at night season is upon us.

With nights getting longer, days getting shorter and time to get afloat becoming more scarce ways to get your SUP fix is much harder. During summertime there’s plenty of opportunity for a sunrise SUP or sunset wind down paddle. Unfortunately, that goes out the window towards the latter half of autumn and into winter proper. Even now during early autumn, with less light not quite being fully in effect, the darkness closes in much earlier than previous months – which can be a real bummer.

But fear not! There’s still hope for your off season stand up paddle boarding yet. We’ve talked about night paddling before. SUPing in the dark is certainly one way to still make use of your free time. Even if Mother Nature sees fit to switch off the lights early. As long as you carefully consider your night paddling venue, whether you’re up to it, what you wear and how you actually go about it there’s no reason not to indulge.

Stuart Williams’ McConks sled post-night paddle.

Keeping an eye on the McConks SUP community Facebook group we spotted this pic from Stuart Williams. Snapping a quick shot of his LED’d up McConks SUP this was an image taken post-night paddle whilst in the middle of a well earned fish ‘n’ chip supper. After all, what’s not to like about any of that? A fully pimped night paddle sled, actually paddling at night and rounding out with some yummy food! That’s stand up paddle boarding done right if you ask us – let alone SUPing in the gloom.

If you’re keen to do some night stand up paddling of your own then get involved. Be mindful of the fact it’s dark (obviously!) so should things go awry it’s not going to be as easy to spot/locate you. With a bit of common sense applied, however, dark SUP doesn’t have to be the extreme it may be perceived to be. Mellow, tranquil and chilled is how we’d sum up SUPing at night.

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