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SUP backyards: South Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

South Pembrokeshire holds so much favour with many. From the well known harbour twon of Tenby through to more quieter, secluded spots and the iconic, smallest city in the world (St. Davids) Pembrokeshire has everything a paddle board could want from their SUP trip. It mixes the best of flat water and adventure with plenty to see and do on land. Oh, and it’s generally quieter than its south western sibling of Cornwall.


No bitesize backyards guide to Pembrokeshire should start without the well known harbour town of Tenby. Ringed by 13th Century stone walls it was once a heavily fortified trading point. These days Tenby is more of resort town that attracts large numbers of visitors each year.

Boasting three beaches – North Beach, Harbour and South Beach – Tenby has a variety of conditions to choose from when considering a paddle mission. North Beach faces more east and is mostly flat. Although in winter can get a wave. The harbour is very sheltered and good for a few short strokes in a blow or if you’re learning. South Beach is more like somewhere Mediterranean with its beach bar, white sands and views across to Caldy Island. South Beach can also get a wave on its day but is mostly flat to choppy. It’s a lovely place to chill out and feel a bit cosmopolitan in the sun.

Freshwater West.

Fresh West is the headline surf spot in the area. It picks up lots of juice and serves up a variety of different waves. From reefs to beach break style surf it has something for most experience paddlers looking to slide along a few liquid walls. Freshwater West is known for rips and dumpy waves so make sure you have your paddle skills on lock.

Flatter days do offer some adventure SUP options and it can be OK for beginner SUP surfers. There’s a popular coffee van in the car park behind the sand dunes. All in though Freshwater West feels like a typical SW surfing beach that you’ll probably love.

Amroth Beach.

Seen as more of a tourist spot Amroth Beach is back along the east facing coast from Tenby toward Pendine. It can often be much quieter than Tenby and Saundersfoot. And even though it’s mostly a flat water paddling beach waves do make it round the headline and pulse in as fun SUP sliders.

High tide Amroth can feature heavy shore dump. WHereas low water gives way to a huge expanse of flat sand. It’s a great spot to learn during calm weather. And the local village has a quaint feel and is a great place to recline with a pint post SUP session.


More like a cove than wide open surfing beach Manorbier is no less popular and experiences large numbers of visitors during summer. The beach itself is quite a small piece of sand with a larger reef over to the right. This reef gets covered at high water and can see a decent wave break atop the rocks when the right conditions swing in. If you’re going to surf here then make sure you know what you’re doing.

Flatter days give the opportunity for some adventure SUP paddling. There are a few routes you can take. Including heading left round to Church Cliffs and Shrinkle Haven.

Marloes Sands.

Marloes Sands is one for the adventurous – especially with SUPs in tow. It’s a little harder to access requiring a treck across farmer’s fields, down a cliff track and over slippy rocks. If the tide’s in then Marloes will be no go. At low water, however, you’ll get a paddling sesh in.

You may score some OK surf when visiting Marloes. Although during summer it goes much flatter so touring is mostly the go. It’s definitely worth a look though. Marloes is beautiful and the perfect location to escape the crowds.

Whitesands Bay.

Being close to St. Davids city (although St Davids is actually tine) Whitesands gets quite popular. It’s a decent beach for any paddler wanting SUP surf action. The beach is quite wide and has plenty of room. Although it can still get chocka in the water.

The views around Whitesands are lovely though. As with all of Pembrokeshire. And there’re plenty of other paddling options in the vicinity.

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