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Summer SUP: freedom unlocked family stand up paddle boarding style this coming high season.

As a family there’s no better way of enjoying the outdoors, and being next to water, than with your stand up paddle board in tow (in our opinion). SUP‘s versatility’s tangible – it’s a great toy in its own right or for enhancing family situations. And with so many ways to use it you’re primed to be making the most of summer 2021 and unlocking your family’s freedom 100%.

You don’t need a quiver of SUP boards either, although if that’s your choice then multiple bits of stand up paddle boarding gear will certainly add further to your time afloat and more. But with one stand up paddle board the whole family can still have some fun and enjoy their post-Lockdown 3.0 days in the outdoors.

Family SUP good times aboard the McConks Go Free.

A diving platform; a touring vehicle; a fitness ‘plank’ or a combination of all these things for whoever fancies whatever discipline in your family – it doesn’t just have to stop their either. Take it to the extreme if you wish, or keep mellow. Whatever. It’s all good on a SUP.

In times like these family get togethers are more important than ever. And if a SUP can enhance these times then brilliant. Here at McConks we’re all about family and fun in equal measure. We understand how key it is to spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy some good vibes in tandem.

If you’re toying with the idea of buying a stand up paddle board but not sure which one to choose then get in touch for advice and guidance. We’re only too happy to help.

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