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Summer sunshine SUP – high season paddling has finally arrived 100%!

Summer sunshine SUP seems to have finally arrived in the UK this week. At time of writing (June 28, 2024) there’s generally been good SUP conditions in lots of areas. Granted, this isn’t blanket wide. But we’ll take it.

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With better weather in mind now’s time to grab yourself some awesome summer McConks paddle boarding gear from the online shop. Or, alternatively, if you already have your SUP kit why not bag some essential paddling and outdoor adventure accessories to ensure your summer of SUP and adventures goes off with a bang?

Summer welcome. 

After a pretty rubbish high season in 2023, a wet and blustery winter and cooler than average spring ’24 this current bout of good weather is much needed.

Whilst there are a hardy number of stand up paddle boarders around most rider it has to be said are fair weather. Summer sunshine conditions are therefore mostly preferable to mass recreational SUPers.

Is it a heat wave?

Defining what heat wave conditions are is never easy. The Met Office categorises weather phenomena across a broad area. This doesn’t take into account local factors.

Summer may be in full swing across parts of the UK. Whereas in others Mother Nature may not feel like playing ball. UK weather is, after all, super variable. This all said lots of places this week have seen decent thermometer readings.

How the Met Office define it.

This is how the Met Office define a summer heatwave –

A heatwave is an extended period of hot weather relative to the expected conditions of the area at that time of year, which may be accompanied by high humidity. 

What is the definition for a UK heatwave?

A UK heatwave threshold is met when a location records a period of at least three consecutive days with daily maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding the heatwave temperature threshold. The threshold varies by UK county, see the UK temperature threshold map below. 

Summer and SUP.

We appreciate that some may not always be able to get outdoors, afloat and make use of summer conditions when they arrive. It can be highly frustrating for those with work and life responsibilities getting in the way.

Summer sunshine SUP - high season paddling has finally arrived 100%!
Sunshine water time is the best time!

Looking at forecast predictions broadly though. And there looks to be some still decent paddle boarding weather on offer for the weekend. Hopefully, if you’ve not been able to get for a float during the week you can do so in the next few days.

What about long term summer?

Being nearly into July you’d hope we’re on for some more good bouts of SUP weather. And we probably will be. It’s just tricky to predict.

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Met Office long range weather predictions are only ever signals. Nobody has the means to accurately forecast what’ll happen with UK weather that far in advance.

The best advice for stand up paddling in summer.

The above all said, however, to reiterate: air temperatures are now on the up regardless. And water readings are following accordingly. 

Who knows where your stand up paddling adventures will take you.

Our advice is to spot those weather windows when it looks like being on for SUP. Keep your eyes peeled to forecasts and be ready (if you can) to move when windows open. Make sure your paddling gear is locked and loaded so it’s quick and efficient to get gone as soon as more good conditions arrive.

Which forecast sites?

If you’re not already familiar with weather forecasting sites then here’s a few to look at when planning your next SUP session.

If you haven’t already got your summer SUP gear sorted then head over to the online shop here.

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