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Summer outdoor adventures – 7 marvellous escapes to discover.

Summer outdoor adventures are what all lovers of nature and the wilds yearn for. As an outdoor type, you’ll hate being cooped up when Mother Nature’s not playing ball. But summertime is different. There’s more chance to get out and ‘play’ with your family and friends. Here are 7 summer escapes to consider this high season.

Essential outdoor gear for summer adventures.

Whatever outdoor adventure you plan this summer you’ll need a few essential bits of gear. Whether you’re aiming for bigger escapes or smaller micro adventures the following choice kit from McConks will complement your fun. For a wider choice of gear head over to the McConks online shop here.

1. Go spelunking!

No, seriously, spelunking is a thing! Although you may recognise the activity from its more obvious name: caving! The UK has a vast network of caves ready to be discovered. With many being easily accessible for families.

We’d recommend having a trained guide show you around your chosen cave spot. You can find a whole bunch of info out about family caving and spelunking summer outdoor adventures here

2. Family scrambling adventures.

Scrambling is a hybrid form of hill walking and climbing. Instead of standing tall, scramblers use their hands and feet to ascend to a summit. Family friendly scramble routes are widely available in the UK. Places like the Lake and Peak District all have locations worthy of a trip.

If you’re set on some family scrambling adventures be sure to keep safety in mind. Make sure your chosen route has plenty of escape routes. And don’t take unnecessary risks. This article has lots more info to read through before you head off on your adventure.

3. Coastal fossil hunting summer outdoor adventures in Dorset.

You can find fossils anywhere. Beaches, quarries, fields, gravel pathways and even in some areas of built up locations. One of the easiest places to discover fossils, however, is at the coast. More specifically along Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

With 1000s of fossils waiting to be found this part of the UK’s coast is a wonder of discovery. Depending on which beach you end up at, care should be taken to stay clear of cliffs which have a habit of sliding in this part of the world. Also, be aware of tides that may cut you off. That said, however, if fossils interest you then this is the place to head for. We also recommended checking out the Fossil Museum in Lyme Regis

4. Welsh castle hopping.

Wales has more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world. There are 600 in total meaning hopping from one to another is easily achieved.  When in Wales there’s a castle around every corner. Granted, some are bigger than others. Nonetheless, Welsh castle hopping is a great way to understand history.

The most visited Welsh castles are as follows –

5. Learn to paddle board.

As a paddle boarding brand, how could we not feature this one? Learning to paddle board has never been easier. Or more affordable for that matter. Here at McConks we supply everything you need to get up and ride.

Our paddle boards are premium quality – built with performance in mind – but without the premium price tag. We’re a family of outdoor adventurers as well. So understand what it is when talking about family escapes. Check out the full range of McConks 2024 paddle boards here

6. After school campfire dinner.

As summertime outdoor adventures go this is one for the family and something that can easily be achieved during term time after school. Once you locate a suitable spot for a campfire (making sure it’s safe to do so) get those flames burning! 

Summer outdoor adventures #1
You can’t beat a summer campfire dinner!

You don’t need one of those horrible disposable BBQs. In fact, we urge against this. A proper campfire is best with some food of choice to cook and eat (and drink) as the sun sets. What could be more idyllic? Just remember to leave no trace.

7. Summer wild swimming.

The benefits of open water wild swimming have long been broadcast. More than this, however, wild swimming is just a fun thing to do. And even more so when the weather’s fine and warm.

Summertime wild swimming is more palatable for the majority. Cold water and air temperatures during the off season put many off. During warmer months it’s an easier sell. That said you still need to keep an eye out for cold water shock and hypothermia. Having a warm and snug McConks change robe to hand will help you warm up quick smart post-swimming session.

Summing up.

There are way more summer outdoor adventures to be had if you get thinking and do some research, Even with poor weather in the mix you can enjoy the outdoors. Just make sure you have the right adventure gear, applicable to your trip, and all will be fine.

Head over to McConks’ online shop for more outdoor adventure equipment here.

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