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Stand up paddle surfing: we know our onions…(or should that be waves?).

Over a period of time we accumulated a decent amount of posts and articles to do with various stand up paddle boarding subjects. In some cases we’ve gathered these together as guides, of which you’ll find these in relevant sections of the McConks website. Click our Knowledge Hub tab to see chart about windSUP, foiling, winging and beginner SUP hacks – to name a few.

With SUP growing ever popular and a resurgence of interest in other specific areas, such as SUP surfing, we thought we’d gather our archive articles on the subject of riding waves and add them here to make finding easier. Riding waves is one of the most buzzing pathways you can follow with your stand up paddle board and paddle. And it doesn’t have to be super gnarly conditions either.

If you’ve started thinking about swell chasing and SUP surfing then hit up the following posts for essenatil knowledge> And stay tuned for more…

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