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Stand up paddle more in 2022.

Stand up paddle more in 2022. It sounds simple enough. But we appreciate how hard finding the time to stand up paddle board can be. Life responsibilities and being an adult in general can halt proceedings somewhat. Yet there are plenty of health benefits (mental and physical) to SUP. As is widely promoted. So how to paddle more in 2022? Here are a few tips to potentially pave the way to increased float time.

Make stand up paddle boarding a priority.

Now don’t get us wrong here. We’re not suggesting anyone put stand up paddling to the top of their priorities at the detriment of everything else. Of course, there are more important things in life. But we guarantee there are also a few non-essential things on your daily list that can be shuffled down.

It may be your timetable needs rejigging. But fear not as spring is on the way which gives the option for sunrise and sunset paddles. And if you suddenly find a window of opportunity. Don’t procrastinate – get gone!

Paddle closer to home.

Heading a few hours to your chosen stand up paddle spot has long been a tradition. Going coastal or to a picturesque inland put in certainly gets the excitement sensors tingling. But for those short on time paddling closer to home could increase session count. Lopping those traveling minutes off in favor of getting wet just down the road will see more SUP fulfillment in 2022.

Do your research on where to go. Make sure access is permitted or which boxes to tick to ensure a hassle free launch and who knows how much extra paddle time you’ll get. Those further flung SUP locations will still be available for when you have more time.

Upgrade your SUP kit.

The cynical may consider this is an obvious suggestion from a SUP brand selling gear. But hear us out.

If you purchased a budget stand up paddle board in 2021 (not a McConks) then it may have done its time and is now holding you back performance-wise. For sure, we’re all for taking those first paddle strokes – however you do it. After a while though for true enjoyment and fulfillment a better quality set of SUP gear will yield much more. Don’t underestimate how efficient SUP equipment performance can increase your stoke levels!

Try something new.

Whether it be a new SUP route, getting involved in open, tidal water for the first time, or hopping aboard a race SUP keeping things fresh and progressing ensures those motivational fires burning bright. Trying something new ties in directly to all the above headings and is a way to keep motivated. And keeping motivated will make you SUP more.

Get involved with the SUP industry.

Many ways for getting involved with the SUP industry exist – you don’t just need to be thinking of starting your own brand. It could be as simple as getting your stand up paddle board coaching ticket and teaching newbies. This will certainly give incentive for more float time as well as enable you to pass on that SUP froth.

If you want to go the whole hog and actually start properly working in the world of stand up paddle boarding then go for it. Be aware though this could work against actually paddling more. But it can still be fun and worthwhile doing.

There are plenty of other methods to enable more SUP in 2022. What are your top tips for more time afloat?

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