Stand up paddle boarding in rain – yes, you can!

At time of writing the heaven’s are open and there’s a good deal of moisture kicking about. The unprecedented good weather the UK’s enjoyed through the latter part of spring and early part of summer can certainly make you think Mother Nature’s been feeling generous and it’ll prolong. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like this. The physical position of the UK, in relation to our European neighbours and the seas/oceans, means our weather will always be in a state of flux as we have weather fronts sweeping across our nature from all corners. After all, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to get flurries of snow in parts – even as late as we are now (June 2020).

You may be one of the large numbers who’ve recently purchased a stand up paddle board to maximise the glorious weather and the fact there’s a more stay at home vibe to current proceedings. (Note: we appreciate that some overseas countries are possibly going to allow visitors as travel restrictions are lifted). So what if you’ve had your new toy land but it’s pouring?

Those marketing types who ‘sell the dream’ would have you believe (if mainstream media is concerned) that SUP is a fair-weather pastime. (Some within the stand up paddle board industry as well for that matter). Not so! We can’t stress this enough. While it’s certainly lovely to be out paddling on calm water with sunny blue skies in effect this type of scenario is a ‘nice to have’. Absolutely make the most of good conditions but also, when it’s not so idyllic, also make the most of opportunities to get afloat.

If you’re not bothered about anything more than simply paddling on flat water when it’s glorious then this may not be applicable. For anyone looking to progress with SUP, however, then any seasoned paddler will tell you getting out in all weather is the only way to improve. Of course, technique and understanding of said technique will also help, but it’s time afloat as well. And with the right paddling apparel there’s really no reason a spot of rain should halt your SUPing.

As ever safety is paramount so we’re not suggesting take on conditions that are beyond your ability. But should you gaze out of the window to grey skies and rain don’t be put off. If anything, with air temperatures still warm, a few drips will serve to cool you off as a sweat’s worked up.

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