Beginner SUP hacks, tips and tricks – essential knowledge for new stand up paddle boarders.

We appreciate that for newbie stand up paddle boarders, who aren’t used to messing about with things like leashes, fins, paddles, pumps and boards, what may seem simple to experienced SUPers isn’t necessarily the case for you. This isn’t meant to patronise it’s just a statement of fact. If someone hasn’t shown you how to attach a SUP fun, for instance, then why would you know. With this in mind McConks has been putting out articles to guide in the right direction. And to make things even simpler and easier to find on McConks’ website we’ve gathered together – and will be adding to moving forwards – these posts in one place.

Below you’ll find essential hacks, tips and tricks to get you afloat and paddling as quickly and effciently as possible. As always, let us know if there’s something you’d like us to cover. This resource is, after all, for you!

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