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Situational changes and SUP’s healing hand…

Pic: @soulconnectionyogauk

There’s no question: life as it currently stands is extremely tricky. Particularly in light of recent announcements regarding restrictions where you may live. COVID has certainly proved, and continues to, make once simple pleasures all the more hard. This, as has also been widely broadcast, does have an impact on well being and mental health.

At time of writing (Oct 13, 2020) further halts have been placed on situations in certain parts of the country. You can’t lead the life you once did. But hopefully this will revert back soon. In the meantime, as we understand, you can still go for your daily round of exercise. If you’re a stand up paddle boarder then this should be welcome and much needed.

We talked about SUP‘s positive impact on mental health before. With life as it stands there’s definitely an outlet needed to restore some sort of calm and balance. Paddling in the outdoors and simply taking a moment whilst afloat can do wonders and help reset the brain. Winter, of course, can be a harder season to get wet but where there’s a will there’s a way. And it’d be encouraged to make use of opportune windows that open. You can even paddle at night, as we talked about in this article, with the right preparation and planning.

It’s a proven fact that exercise, no matter how small an amount, will boost those positive endorphins in your brain. Simply walking briskly for 20 minutes can help immensely. And if you can walk then why not jog? It therefore stands to reason that stand up paddle boarding will have similar effects. So when you can grab your paddle and head off for a blast; you’ll be glad you did.

By the looks of things this winter’s going to be arduous in some ways. Yet hopefully there’ll be time for a SUP sesh at points which should be taken advantage of. Make sure you’re equipped with the right gear, such as a decent wetsuit, boots and gloves, and you’ll be sorted for blade action whatever the weather. If stand up paddle boarding can help you cope with what’s going on in the world, and you’re able to get wet, then do it. We appreciate mental health issues are different for everyone, but if you’re able grab those SUP sessions when you can.

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