Winter wonderland special: Bobble and polarised sunglasses combo | Save 20%


Super warm bobble hat plus polarised shades with blue spectrum protection.

First select your hat colour, then select your shades. Then add to cart. If you’re not happy you can change your selection in the cart.

if you need to know more about our hats and sustainable polarised sunglasses, scroll down beyond the product selections.


    If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas pressie, set them up for fun in the snow with this hat and polarised sunglasses combo.

    Save yourself up to £40 (that’s a whole 45%) on the RRP.

    Any pair of wooden polarised sunglasses, and any hat from our collection for only £50.

    If you know about eyecare, you’ll know that wearing shades is just as important in winter than in summer, so sunnies and a bobble are a perfect winter gift.

    Mix and match to create the perfect style!

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