Caswell wooden polarised sunglasses

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Caswell, Gower. A stunning bay with dark shadows and piercing bing blue skies. Colours that inspired these sunglasses.

Wooden frame | 100% UV Protection | Mirror ice blue polarised lenses | Sprung arms

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Caswell, Gower. A stunning bay with dark shadows and piercing bing blue skies. Colours that inspired these sunglasses.
Not only do these sunnies look at home on the water, they’re good for you and good for your wallet:
–  Black wood and bamboo layered wooden frame – lovingly made by hand
–  Sprung hinges to reduce the risk of snapped arms
–  1.1mm grey polarised lenses
–  McConks logo on each arm
–  McConks branded bamboo cyclindrical case
–  High quality fabric glass bag
–  100% UV400 protection – especially important around water
–   Polarised to eliminate the light scatter you get around water
–   Reduced glare = less eye fatigue. Enjoy more time on the water
–   All of our sunnies float – saving you money!
–   12 month guarantee
–   Meets UK, EU, US and AUS/NZ international standards for eye protection

1 review for Caswell wooden polarised sunglasses

  1. andy mcconkey

    Sunglasses: as long as they fit your face then that’s good, right? That is until you are paddling one day showing off your pivot turns and it all goes a bit wrong. You end up having a swim and discover that your sunglasses have been spectacularly unsuccessful with their first attempt at swimming, sinking below the surface never to be seen again. It’s a painful experience that you’ll not want to repeat.

    It’s a problem that is addressed either with an ugly floating retainer or by investing in a pair of sunglasses that float, like these ‘Caswell’ shades from McConks.

    The fame is made from a bamboo laminate. The outer layer is black with inner layers alternating between light and dark shades, layers had been sanded away as required to get the right thickness for the nose bridge and at the end of arms. The arms are sprung which gives a better fit and helps keep them in place, even on my big head.

    It’s important that eyewear protects your eyes, more so on the water as that reflects a lot of light, and UV back up into your face. These glasses have lenses that block UV and are polarised, allowing you to see more of what’s going on under you. The lenses have a blue tint that makes the world a better place to look at and works well when the day is undecided, sunny or a bit overcast but still bright.

    I happen to think they look good too, particularly the bits that no one else will see. I particularly like the work around the nose bridge and where the hinges are secured. The ‘case’ is also a tactile delight, a bamboo cylinder with the McConks logo etched into it.

    Good looking, great value sunglasses that really do float.

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