Smoc Smoc UK change robe | The warmest, most ethical and most eco change robe



We’re really pleased to be able to support this growing UK company.  We love everything that Smoc Smoc UK stand for; from their ethics and sustainability, to the fact that they’re a small and friendly family company not …

These robes really are the answer to the question; what’s the best, warmest, most comfortable, most sustainable and most ethical change robe available in the world!  Why do we say that?

Nature knows best

The smoc smoc robe inner lining is made out of super soft natural bamboo.  Why use manmade fibres when nature does it best?  Here’s why smoc smoc use bamboo

  • It’s fast growing and has a low environmental footprint
  • It doesn’t contribute to the microplastic problems that most other change robes that are made out of plastic do
  • It’s super fast wicking when compared to manmade fibres, so gets you dry and warm 
  • It’s naturally anti bacterial – so your robe will keep smelling fresh and clean
  • it’s hypo allergenic, so perfect  for those of you with more sensitive skin

Made in the UK

The first of the robe manufacturers to fully bring back manufacture to the UK. This sets them apart from all of the others!

Designed by customers

Smoc Smoc asked users and customers what they wanted.  And the needs, desires, hopes, dreams and aspirations of said customers (sorry, we got carried away) underpinned the version 2 robes:

  • Long zip pulls for cold hands
  • sexy colours – it’s time to bring some colour to the change robe market!
  • Internal pockets
  • Large hoods with draw string pulls
  • Full length arms
  • Perfectly designed changing space
  • Carry bag made out of scrap materials



Note. If you click buy, you will head over to SmocSmocUK website to order your robe. McConks do not hold the robes in stock, not handle any money for the purchase. We just like to support sustainable and ethical companies that produce top notch eco products when we find them!




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