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Home training for paddleboarders; Balance boards by McConks and Daddyboards. With a range of options to suit beginners all the way through to advanced riders, and made from sustainable beechwood, this board has everything that a top of the range balance board has – but at a nicer price!



Life is all about finding your balance. Balance between work and play, yin and yan, sun and rain.  And finding the perfect balance can be very difficult.  If you’re struggling to find your physical balance when on water, or just want to keep training your balance when you’re off the water, then a balance board is just what you need.

Our balance board is based on the Go Skate park and play river surf SUP board, and at 80cm long and 32cm wide is large enough for heavier riders, but still light enough to turn tricks on – if you’re so inclined.

With a range of options to switch up the difficulty level, this balance board works as a simple low impact to help you recover from injury when used with the hedgehog cushion. At the other end the scale, using the board with the ball / dome allows a full range of movement and allow you to practice 360s, ollies and shuvits. And in the middle of the difficulty range, the wooden roller gives you unlimited freedom in one plane, but restricts lateral movement; which works well for practising hang-five and ten

The board has a strong gripped surface; comfortable enough to use barefoot, but with enough grip to prevent slip when barefoot or if wearing sports footwear. 

These are manufactured to order, and other than the PVC hedgehog inflatable cushion, it’s all hand made from sustainably sourced wood. So they really are worth the 14-28 day wait.

And if you want to check out different  (non mcconks) designs, check out the webpage of the rather awesome SUP instructor and balance board supremo Daddyboards.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions N/A

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Combi


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