Journey Xstream filter water bottle | never run out of water on your SUP expedition


Fill your bottle up from the river, and drink it.  Simple as that. 

The filter has been tested to perform as well as day 1 at the end of it’s life (1000l). And then replace the filter for less than £30.  That’s just 30p per litre.  A lot cheaper and more sustainable than plastic water bottles.



The Sagan™ Journey™ Water Bottle – with filter is a filtered water bottle for everyday use, all outdoor adventures, survival and emergency preparedness. The Journey™ Water Filter removes bacteria, virus, giardia and 118 waterborne chemicals, including fluoride and other contaminants from any non-salt water source.  Makes any non saline water – safe water.

The bottle are available in blue or pink. Stainless steel coming soon. p.s. Sorry – we didn’t choose the rather gender stereotypical colours!

View Sagan™ Water Filter Test Results performed by independent water laboratories. The best water filter you can buy for your personal water bottle.

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Purple, Blue, Stainless steel


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