20 PSI eCheat3 electric SUP pump | £120 inc next day delivery

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Fed up feeling like you’ve done a workout before you hit the water?  Our market leading eCheat 12v SUP pump makes your paddle so much easier. With a fast two-stage high volume high pressure auto switch mechanism our eCheat pump effortly inflates your inflatable SUP to 20PSI.

Connects to car battery or cigarette lighter.

Free delivery within 48 hours.

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eCheat3 Electric SUP pump specification

High pressure

Max pressure 20PSI

User selectable auto cutoff at any PSI between 1 and 20.

Two stage

Stage 1 – high volume

Stage 2 – high pressure

High flow rate 

Max flow rate = 800l min

Compact size

Dimension 29.5×13.5×16 CM

eCheat3 20PSI Electric SUP pump details

Achieves 20PSI on a McConks Go Anywhere 10’6, or a Red Paddle Ride 10’6 in about 10 minutes (varies depending on power outputs of vehicle)

Connects to 12v/9v socket (and doesn’t blow fuses everytime of use like other ePumps), or can be connected directly to car battery with crocodile clips.

We’ve tried most car pumps, and this is a very reliable pump and hose that lasts for years, pumps up multiple boards in session, doesn’t blow car fuses or burst hoses.

With an autocutoff that can be set between 1PSI and 20PSI, you can leave the pump to do its thing without needing to check it every 60seconds.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 24 × 28 cm


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