Restube Sport | The smallest and lightest SUP buoyancy aid | Azure blue

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The smallest and lightest certified PFD on the market. Get on the water safely and securely.


Restube’s story is simple. A couple of years ago a member of their team experienced a critical situation in the water and the decision was made to make water sport safer for their friends and others. As students of mechanical engineering they developed the first prototypes of a safety product for any water activity… Restube was born

RESTUBE HAS ALREADY SAVED LIVES. It moves people to be more active around water, improves the water safety and provides more freedom. No matter if you are going out for fun, with the family, for hard training, for a contest or even for work.

The restube sport is an easy to use, very simple buoyancy aid. For those situations where a buoyancy aid is mandatory, but where your personal risk assessment says that a wearable, fixed buoyancy aid isn’t required (which happens pretty regularly in our POV), Lightweight, low profile, worn on a belt or attached directly to your belt or harness, this is the perfect safety device for those occasions that you would otherwise not wear a BA at all!

Perfect for open water swimming, paddleboarding, kitesurfing and all forms of watersports.

This is not a fixed buoyancy aid, so not recommended as your primary PFD for extreme paddleboarding such as whitewater. But is a useful additional aid when attached to your waist belt.


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