McConks adventure ready rash vest – made from recycled ocean waste

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Full length rashguard made from recycled fishing nets and reclaimed ocean waste.



Made from recycled plastic bottles and ghost nets, and printed with environmentally friendly ink, you can wear this Rash vest without any guilt.

Printed with environmentally friendly inks, in a factory tested by local regulators daily to ensure it meets safety, environmental, and air quality standards.

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Here’s a review from one of our product testers

“So what was I testing with the rash vest? It is very comfy. Easily the comfiest one I’ve had. Better than my current Billabong one. I wasn’t expecting it to be long sleeved. If I’d have been looking to buy another one, I’d have gone for short sleeve. But now I’ve tried your long sleeve one on, I’m sold on it. In the hot weather this saturday at the Torbay air show, it was lovely and cooling on and stopped me getting burned when wearing it on its own with shorts. When I went for a swim, I put my wetsuit top on over the top of it and it kept me nice and warm. When I took the wetsuit top off, your rash vest dried pretty quickly in the sun.

But I’m not sure what I’m testing. How it holds up to wear and tear? How it washes (it washes fine in cold water with no detergent). What? ?
But thanks, I really do like it. I’m not just saying that coz it was free (I’d keep quiet if it was crap unless you pushed me for an answer) but its really nice.”


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1 review for McConks adventure ready rash vest – made from recycled ocean waste

  1. Karen Bullen

    Myself and my children wore these rash vest paddle boarding last night and they were so comfortable, well fitted and warm! I now wouldn’t go in the sea without one! The fact they protect you from the sun is even better and they dry quickly after getting out the water. These are an absolute must have!

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