McConks carbon10 nylon blade 3 piece adjustable paddle | Preorder for 2021


One shaft, many blades

Our innovative ‘switchblade’ paddle system lets you build up a range of blades for different conditions, without filling up your garage with multiple paddles.  You can even mix and match – Fibre glass shaft with carbon surf blade anyone?  Or how about stiffening up your whitewater nylon paddle with a stiffer carbon blade?

Switchblade can even be used just blade and handle, to shorten the length of the paddle – for comfortable canoe style paddling, or to make it the right height for kids.

Available on back-order


  • Nylon blade with stainless steel stringer to stiffen blade
  • Adjustable 170 – 220cm
  • Perma-grip anti-twist clasp system = easy length adjustment + perfect blade/handle alignment
  • Ergo Plus Handle = designed for comfort, grip, power transfer and low profile
  • 750g

Why a three piece SUP Paddle?

A three piece paddle breaks down small enough to fit into your SUP bag. But what you gain in portability, you also gain in weight. Our three piece paddles are up to 200g heavier than one and two piece paddles. They’re also slightly lower performance, with a less regular flex due to more tube overlapping at intersections (1)

Choose your shaft:

10% carbon, 90% fibreglass sot he shaft is less easily damaged, and a little more forgiving of poor paddle technique than higher percentage carbon shafts

Choose your blade:

Nylon 90

Indestructible and great value.  The best paddle for all round recreational use for beginners. Forgiving and best for value.

All of our blades are also available as one piece fixed paddles or two piece adjustable paddles

(1) People often say that one piece paddles are stiffer than two or three piece paddles.  This isn’t strictly true. The more overlapping sections there are, the stiffer the paddle is, and the less consistent the flex is.  With  cheaper adjustable paddles with poor quality connections, some paddlers suffer from excessive play at the intersections.  Our double screw clasps, and very tight tolerances mean there is no perceptible play on our adjustable and split paddles.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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