McConks Rapidsweeper two piece specialist whitewater paddle


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This paddle is designed for whitewater, and has been extensively tested by UK whitewater SUP supremo Anthony Ing of Stand Up Paddleboard UK.  In fact, we gave Ant the paddle in Autumn 2019 and asked him to destruction test it.  He was given free reign to put it through its paces until it broke.  Now it’s September 2020, and Ant still hasn’t managed to break any bit of the paddle!

Its long tapered shape allows for bracing, digging deep in an eddy line, and skimming the surface in shallow water. Though narrow, the blade keeps its tapered shape from tip to throat. This gives variability in the paddle stroke depending on how deep you plant the blade . The blade is slightly spooned, reducing the angle resembling a straight blade at the tip (having no angle to the blade, it is perfect for fast moving water where there is more emphasis on directional paddling than maintaining forward momentum), while still allowing for a good reach when forward paddling.

This  premium whitewater paddle combines quality material choice and manufacturing skill to allow for a perfect combination of light swing weight and stiffness.

  • The fibreglass blade is the perfect compromise between stiffness, weight and robustness.
  • A reinforced dihedral helps efficient forward paddle, whilst still providing rigidity and strength.
  • six degree blade offset
  • Fibreglass shaft, with a perfect strength / flex balance for all whitewater and swiftwater SUP
  • Leverlock T-grip paddle to allow rapid length adjustment when switching between different whitewater environments.
  • Two piece paddle adjustable between 170cm and 220cm




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