McConks 2019 Go Balance 9’2 Yoga/exercise/fitness AquaMat

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The Go Balance 9’2 fit mat is an inflatable training mat that can be used on indoor pools, outdoor pools, calm lakes or anywhere there’s water without too much in the way of ‘conditions’ or weather. Complementing our Go With The Flow SUP Yoga board (Namaste), the Go Balance 9’2 x 36″ AquaMat is designed to keep you dry during your workouts but utilise the natural movement of floating on water to aid your exercise routine.

By providing a more stable balance platform the McConks SUP Go Balance fit mat is the perfect companion and a tool to help achieve an all-over workout – whether this be Yoga, balance or resistance-based training. Made from superlight Dropstitch, the AquaMat is easy to transport but robust to withstand abuse. And at 9’2 by 36″ it’s the perfect size for a single person workout.

The AquaMat can also be used as part of a McConks training platform, by docking 8 of them to the McConks Mega board dock, or by fixing them across the width of a swimming pool.

  • Extra-wide 36″ for pleasingly dry workout
  • Compact length to fit smaller swimming pools
  • Fits perfectly in a single lane of a standard UK swimming pool
  • Made in the same factory as all of our premium inflatable SUPs, therefore quality guaranteed
  • Extra-large, soft deck pad for ultimate grip and comfort
  • Well placed handles on the base of the board for ease of transport and to prevent handles causing discomfort during training sessions
  • Shockcord storage area to stow drinks/fuel or equipment
  • High-quality valve – guaranteed not to leak
  • AquaMat bag, big enough to carry AquaMat plus a change of clothes and training equipment

Ships with

  • AquaMat 9’2 board
  • AquaMat bag
  • Docking system
  • Repair kit

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Special offers for group purchases or when purchased with the mega board docking system. Contact us for further information

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
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Add a dry bag

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Upgrade your pump

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RAM mounts device connector

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