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We think everyone else is doing Yoga Boards wrong. So we’ve come up with something a bit different.

Our Namaste board is shorter and wider than all of our competitors.  Width is the defining factor for stability when you’re trying to perfect the pigeon pose, or maintain mountain pose. And the board does not need to be as long as a standard SUP.

And the other key feature that sets our Namaste boards is the number of handles around the perimeter of the board. Sometimes you need a little assistance to get into a pose, and the handles give you that extra help.

So our Namaste boards are 9’8 long and 36″ wide – perfect for SUP Yoga.

It goes without saying that they have a full length soft deckpad.  And of course they have minimal rocker, and maintain width for a good length, so you can use the full length of the board without getting wet.

Weighing less than 10kg, this board is made of super light but super rigid drop stitch, strong enough to be used on normal river and sea paddles as well as for training classes.

As you can see from the gallery, this is the specialist Yoga SUP that instructors use. But you can practice Yoga whenever and wherever you want.  And any of our SUP Boards provide a Yoga platform!

Comes with:


Wheeled SUP bag

Double action pump

Single removable flexi fin

Repair kit

Coiled leash

Check out Kathy Yoga SUP for tips, tricks and lessons with a great instructor.

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