McConks 9’8″ Go Free inflatable crossover wind/wing stand up paddleboard


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The ultimate wind driven iSUP you can still paddle

The McConks Go Free 9’8 crossover inflatable stand up paddle board takes wind and paddling performance to the next level. With a true freeride (do anything) shape and fibreglass freeride fin, this board has been designed to plane. Plane you ask? That’s when your craft moves fast through the water, lifting as it does so (from the fin) and eventually overtakes its own bow wave. When that happens you’ll be skimming across the water like a stone at speed. If you’re a windsurfer, kitesurfer or sailor then you’ll be familiar with this concept.

A true crossover board – and performance crossover boards like this are rare – this fully-fledged planing freeride board has footstraps, a hard rail release edge and efficient freeride fin. Remove that freeride fin and the footstraps to switch to fun whitewater board, a nimble surf SUP or a surprisingly good straight liner.

Lastly, if you’re into flying inflatable wingsurfing wings (or thinking about it), then it’s particularly well matched with the McConks Go Fly wing.

If you’re looking for a paddle to match your Go Anywhere board an Go Fly wing then hit up our paddles product page or Paddle Selection Wizard to help choose.

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