McConks Go Simple 10’8 inflatable SUP package – discontinued

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This is the ONLY premium quality beginner inflatable SUP board.  Double skin and only 9kg, this fusion tech iSUP is the best value inflatable SUP package on the market.


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The best value beginner inflatable SUP money can buy in the UK.

10’8 x 32″ x 6″ 260litre comes with bag, pump, leash and carbon wrapped fibreglass shaft/nylon blade adjustable paddle.

This is as hassle free and as simple as they come. Made to simply have fun.  Roll out the inflatable SUP, pump it up, screw in the fin, attach the leash, grab the SUP paddle and get on the water.  Super rigid at 15PSI, and made from durable, double skin, heat weld fusion tech. this is absolutely the best value inflatable SUP on the market.

Go Simple inflatable SUP package specifications

  • 10’8 x 32″ x 6″
  • double skin heat weld fusion tech
  • high density drop stitch
  • super light – only 9.5kg
  • max pressure 27PSI, but perfectly rigid at recommended operating pressure of 15PSI
  • wide, stable, rigid and robust
  • removable US box center fin
  • cargo straps
  • printed crocodile skin deckpad
  • single strong carry handle
  • quality 8mm 10 foot coiled leash
  • lightweight waterproof rucksack

The 8″ flexi fin supplied with the SUP package is a perfect compromise for use in all environments – whether this be river or coastal touring, surfing or just simply messing around.  But uniquely at this price point, the fin box system is a universal US box system that allows you to upgrade your ride with more specialist fins. And it goes without saying that all of McConks centre fins fit.

Beware of imitations with cheap paddles, single skin and poor quality accessories!



Find out how our budget Go Simple range differs to our premium Go Anywhere range.

What else might you need?

Inflation aids

Connect to a compressor | Valve adaptor

This little tool allows you to connect your inflatable paddleboard to a shrader (car tyre) type pump.  Please note that most car tyre pumps are not designed to provide enough volume to inflate a SUP.  Therefore using your car tyre inflator could damage the pump.  And the use of a very high volume compressor could damage your SUP board – so be careful!

Inflating with ease | Triple action pump

Why not upgrade to the HP6 double chamber triple action pump.  This pump makes your pre-paddle routine a doddle, inflating an all round board to 18 PSI in less than 5 minutes, without breaking your back. Upgrade for only £50 extra.

Inflating the cheat’s way | Electric eCheat pump

If you want something else to do the hard work for you, look no further than our eCheat pump.  This pump connects to the 12v socket, or the car battery terminals, and will inflate to 20PSI in about 15-20 minutes without you flexing a single muscle.  Perfect for those who don’t want a full workout off the water before starting your on the water one!  £100 when purchased with a SUP package.

You’re not what you wear, but…

Looking good without costing the planet | Casual SUPwear

We’ve got a large range of organic and sustainable t-shirts and hoodies.  From bright and colourful to stylish and subtle, every garment is 100% organic or recycled, printed to order using a small UK company, and delivered within 10 days, but often as quick as 3 days.  Kids, ladies and unisex available

Protect the seas and your body | Rash vests

Not just a rash vest, but one made from recycled plastic waste.  Here’s what a happy customer had to say…

“It is very comfy. Easily the comfiest one I’ve had. Better than my current Billabong one. I wasn’t expecting it to be long sleeved. If I’d have been looking to buy another one, I’d have gone for short sleeve. But now I’ve tried your long sleeve one on, I’m sold on it. In the hot weather this saturday at the Torbay air show, it was lovely and cooling on and stopped me getting burned when wearing it on its own with shorts. When I went for a swim, I put my wetsuit top on over the top of it and it kept me nice and warm. When I took the wetsuit top off, your rash vest dried pretty quickly in the sun.”


No snags | river fin

Shallow rivers are a drag (literally), particularly for those riders with fixed fins.  Luckily, McConks don’t do fixed fins, and a river fin pack allows you to use shorter fins for shallower waters. 

Harder, straighter, faster | Race fins

If you want better tracking, then these race fins will improve your tracking and your speed through the water. With a weed shedding profile they will also significantly reduce drag in weedy waters.

Have fun, be safe | SUP safety


It goes without saying you should nearly always use a leash. If you’re on flat water, then a coiled leash (supplied as standard most of our boards) is your perfect leash. If you want to surf SUP, then a straight leash is advised to reduce the risk of recoil.

Quick release belts

If you paddle flowing water (moderate or fast flowing rivers or tidal rivers), you should always use a quick release safety belt. Without a QR belt, there is a risk that you could be pinned down by the current with your board one side of an object, and you the other. And this nearly always results in death.

We recommend two quick release belts. The HF SUP buddy is a no frills QR belt with manual quick release, and emergency resistance release. So even if you can’t manually release the belt, it will release under enough stress.  The next step up HF Synergy is a premium piece of kit that fully complies with British Canoeing’s guidance on SUP Safety on whitewater.  It is comfortably padded, has a much cleaner emergency release that has a much reduced risk of entanglement and entrapment, and allows for the attachment of a Restube PFD and a throwline.   The belts have an added advantage of keeping the leash out from under your feet, making step back turns much less of a tangle.

Eye protection

When you’re paddling you need shades that protect your eyes against reflected blue light, and that are polarised. Most eyewear manufacturers neglect the blue wavelength protection as it is not specified in international standards.  All of our eyewear gives additional blue spectrum protection,  our mirror blue lenses provide the greatest protection for paddling.   With frames hand made from sustainable materials, and made to float, our shades protect your wallet, the environment, and your eyes.

Gear protection

Keeping you gear safe on the water is an important element of SUP safety.  What good is your mobile phone if it’s at the bottom of the sea?  Our dry bags keep your gear dry, and have inflatable external bladders to ensure they float. And they’re made from recycled plastic waste.

Making memories | RAM camera mount

This mount from RAM mounts is a totally bulletproof piece of kit. Originally designed for use on high speed motorbikes, they have a bombproof construction, and are up to anything the natural environment can throw at them. So it will keep your camera safe and sound and let you capture the memory for ever. And also prevent your camera causing heavy metal pollution from leaching batteries, and plastic pollution.  And there are attachments for waterproof phones, tablets, speakers, lamps, fishing rods, and much more – it’s not just a camera mount

Schools, clubs or companies

We work with a number of charities, schools, clubs and companies providing bespoke or standard McConks kit.  To give you a flavour of the kinds of companies that are turning to McConks because of our value and quality, we are an approved supplier to the Princes Trust, Brigantes, a number of councils including Essex Council, Walsall Council, Carmathenshire Council and Beyond Boundaries East Lothian amongst others.  Many instructors use our gear as part of their BCU paddlesports leader courses and recommend our gear to their customers (see our facebook profile and GoInspire initiative to find out more).

Contact us for bulk order and preorder prices.


Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 35 cm

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Combined carrying capacity / weight


Type of paddling

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Add a dry bag

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Upgrade your pump

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RAM mounts device connector

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Fin upgrades


3 reviews for McConks Go Simple 10’8 inflatable SUP package – discontinued

  1. Katy C. (verified owner)

    Fantastic value for money and brilliant customer service. We had been looking for a board that didn’t cost the earth, both financially and in terms of sustainability so were really happy to come across this SUP package from a company that clearly care about their impact. We’ve taken the boards out several times now and they’ve been great, my only negative comment would be that the carry handle really digs in to your hand if it’s more than a short walk to the water. But it’s a minor point that a bit of padded fabric around it will sort easily.

  2. Jon (verified owner)

    Great fun value for money board

  3. Graeme Stuart (verified owner)

    Great discription of the board online , and it arrived quickly, would definitely buy from then again

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