McConks Go Fly – SUP/surf/foil/downwind wing


If you have a paddleboard, then the Go Fly is the perfect antidote to paddling in wind!  SO whilst you previously chose not to paddle in 10 – 15 knots of wind, the Go Fly brings those windier days back into play./ If you’ve only got 30 minutes, then rigging your windsurf board is out of the question. But with this wing, you can be on the water in minutes.

Wing boarding is much safer than kitesurfing and is perfect for getting kids involved in water sports. You can learn about the wind and the power you can harness, simply sheet in to get going, then just let go and the power is gone. It couldn’t be easier or safer!

  • It’s great fun, and the wings are small and compact, they are the perfect addition to a paddle to get power on the water. With no lines you can take the Swing anywhere, allowing you to access spots that were not possible with a kite.  As you improve your skills, it’s time to step up into the world of foiling with the Swing.

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