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Double action pump - 25 psi

A basic, but perfectly formed pump.

Triple Action pump - 25PSI

Inflation station - inflate you board with ease

Carbon 10 standard paddle

Our standard paddle. Better than most packaged paddles, and a perfect entry level paddle

Upgraded three piece fibreglass/carbon paddle

Perfect for beginners and intermediates who want a cost effective way to get a better performance and lighter paddle

McConks three piece travel race / touring 100% carbon SUP paddle

McConks race SUP paddles - do you want to faster, or longer?

McConks race paddles have been designed with the perfect dihedral and shape to improve efficiency across all five phases of the paddle stroke. And with a scratch resistant matte finish, they'll look as good as they perform.

You won't find a better performance package (including heavy duty protective paddle bag) at a better price!

Panda quick release belt

Provided as standard with all all round and touring boards. We care about your safety

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McConks Go Explore 11’4i Grande Tourer (GT) inflatable touring paddle board | The ultimate adventure SUP board

From: Original price was: £665.99.Current price is: £575.00.


McConks 11’4 Go Explore GT – Your ultimate paddle board adventure partner


Paddle board stability, rigidity and carrying capacity, this iSUP is aimed at progressive paddlers who want to cover longer distances more efficiently.

The redesigned 11’4i GT inflatable paddle board is a capable cruiser and a confident tourer. The performance-driven 32″ wide board has a longitudinal profile and waterline that promotes glide and efficiency.

Proven paddle board design.

The speed release hard tail and parallel fin boxes reduce drag, and the industry leading V-nose technology and rocker ensure that the nose cuts through chop and swell with confidence.

Offering unbelievable stability in the toughest of conditions, the Go Explore 11’4i GT paddle board is made of 6″ thick MXW (1) drop stitch material offering unrivalled rigidity to weight ratio.

And the waterline and rocker of this board have been designed to maximise balance and minimise the impact of wind.

Adventures in paddle boarding

With a generous 329L of volume, this touring inflatable paddle board is perfect for medium to heavier riders looking for a tigher turning circle but with real load carrying capacity.

The 2+1 fin system has been slightly tweaked from the 2023 model to improve efficiency and speed, and unlike most touring boards, gives you the ability to maintain tracking and stability even in shallow river environments.

As adventurers, we know how important it is to be able to carry the board, and with multiple handles, this paddle board is designed for access and egress in the most difficult of environments.  And with a surfeit of D Rings, this board can carry enough gear for unsupported multi day adventures.

As always, we know our gear has been built for adventure, and is made to last. So is fully backed with a solid no-quibble 5-year warranty.

Who is this paddle board for?

McConks Go Explore 114 GT - who's it for?

If you’re a smaller aspiring touring paddler who wants no compromises, then this is board for you.

If you’re a smaller beginner to intermediate paddler of any weight wanting a super stable and fully featured touring board for all environments, without compromise, this is the board for you.

If you’re an experienced paddler wanting a mid to short length touring board with excellent stability and enough storage and lashing points to cope with multi day unsupported adventures, this is the board for you.

Paddle board specifications

Board Length   11’4″  380cm

Board Width     32″   8cm

Board Depth     6″ 15cm

Board Volume   329l

Board weight   10kg

Board carrying capacity   200kg

Board storage   8 x nose D ring storage (compatible with McConks touring deck cover), 6 x tail d-ring storage.  6mm diameter shockcord with quick release clips.

Board nose type V nose hull with nose runner

Board tail release Low profile hard edge Rail for 30% of tail of board. Significantly improves trim and efficiency over boards without a tail release

Bag size  100cm x 40cm x 40cm.

Bag volume  180l

Fins   2+1 fin system. All fins are parallel to centre line of board to improve efficiency and reduce drag. Centre fin is a full length US box in two pars to allow the board to rolled more easily.  The 2 x side fin boxes are low profile click fit with 4 x FCS grub screw. The 2+1 fin arrangement allows you to ride single fin, twin fin or 3 x fins to cover all environments from deep water to shallow rivers.

Deckpad 5mm thick EVA formed from different colour sections.  This makes the deckpad more resistant to fading and visible damage from scratching compared to cheaper printed one piece deckpads.

Paddle options  

Choose from our standard carbon 10 paddle (indestructible nylon blade, 10% carbon composite 3 piece shaft), our fibreglass honeycomb carbon 30%, (0% carbon composite 3 piece shaft), or our 100% carbon elite 3 piece paddle

Complete package weight (Board + Bag + fins + leash + QR belt + repair kit)  13kg

Max pressure 28PSI

Recommended Operating Pressure 15-20PSI

Device mounts  2 x M8 threads compatible with the full range of RAM Mounts accessories.  Adaptors available to convert to M6 and 1/4-20 (ISO standard tripod thread)

Kayak conversion attachment  Yes. 4 x marine grade stainless steel d rings to attach kayak seats, and multiple D rings to allow ankle or foot brace to be attached

Paddle board sustainability and ethics

At McConks, paddle board sustainability and ethics aren’t just marketing hype.  They’re at the very heart of everything we stand for.

As a family of two environmental scientists and two young eco activists, we haven’t flown on holidays for over 5 years. So we practice what we preach as a family, as a well as a company.

Environmental impact.

We know the environmental cost of plastic, so wherever possible we remove plastic from our supply chain.  Where we still need to use plastic, we try to only use reclaimed or recycled plastic.

But when it comes to the material for our boards, only virgin plastic is good enough to make the boards strong enough and durable enough to last for at least as long as their five year warranty. And our very low warranty rate is proof of the pudding.  All of our paddle board products and accessories are packaged plastic free.

We maintain a well stocked repair shop, where everything from valves, bungees, fin boxes, paddle clasps and a whole lot more, can be purchased to keep your board going for as long as possible.


New for 2024, we are also offering a free MOT with SUP services in the third year of your boards’ life to make sure everything is performing as it should be.

All good things must, eventually, come to an end.  And at the end of a boards life, all of our board fittings are fully recoverable.  Sadly, the boards themselves aren’t recoverable because they contain a mix of materials.

However, even if you don’t think you can repair your board, we’re sure that it can be repaired enough for a second life with a charitable cause.  So we offer a FREE END OF LIFE recovery, where if you ship the board to us, we will do everything we possibly can to keep that board in use.

Find out more about our sustainability and ethics here.

Premium paddle board technology at the right price

We don’t talk marketing BS.  We just make the best boards, with the right material, that does the least damage to the environment, at the best price.  Find out more here.

If you find a cheaper board of a similar specification, then we can 100% guarantee that something has been compromised along the way.  Whether this be less effort spent in designing, poorer specified fittings (such as handles that detach or deckpads that lift), cheaper accessories, or, as is often the case, lower quality drop stitch and/or poor Quality Assurance (QA),  what you end with is a board that either is lower performance, or that simply doesn’t last as long.

As we keep saying, our boards really are made for adventure and built to last. You don’t see many other brands boards still being used in a commercial setting five years down the line!

Drop stitch material – we only use the very best, industry leading machine X Woven double skin fusion drop stitch across our entire range.  The same base material as Starboard, Gladiator Elite and a very small number of other brands.  This really is the best compromise between paddleboard stability and paddle board weight.

Rail technology – again, only the very best.  We join our drop stitch material together at the rail, then cover with one rail piece, and a second rail piece.  We use heat weld technology on all seams.

Handles – all of our handles are rated for 75kg of load.

D rings – all of our D-rings are rated for 75kg of load, and made from marine grade stainless steel.

Paddle board care

How to store your board 

To keep your board looking it’s best and to prevent the risk of transfer of invasive species, you should always rinse and dry all equipment before storing.

This also applies when moving from one waterbody to another. When packing away your board, lay it deck-up, place the pump across the nose, roll tightly, and secure with the strap.

If storing it rolled up, avoid putting excess pressure on the straps and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and frost.

It’s best to store the pump separately if possible. Alternatively, you can leave your board inflated, making sure it’s on a flat surface.

For more questions contact


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Additional information

Type of paddling

, , ,

Combined carrying capacity / weight

, ,

Board only weight








Board volume


Operating pressure

15 – 20PSI

Max pressure


Max carrying capacity


Fin setup

Genuine AIR7 US centre fin, genuine AIR7 click fit FCS compatible parallel side fins

Nose type

V Nose displacement hull


5 year retail, 3 year trade

Inflatable technology

Double layer machine X woven drop stitch

Double action pump - 25 psi

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 70 cm

Triple Action pump - 25PSI

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 cm

Package upgrade, pump only

Carbon 10 standard paddle

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 25 × 10 cm


Combined carrying capacity / weight

Type of paddling

, , , , ,

Type of paddle

McConks three piece travel race / touring 100% carbon SUP paddle

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 90 × 30 × 10 cm

Combined carrying capacity / weight


Type of paddling


Type of paddle

Panda quick release belt

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

27 reviews for McConks Go Explore 11’4i Grande Tourer (GT) inflatable touring paddle board | The ultimate adventure SUP board

  1. david y.

    Early days and nothing to compare to. However very good so far, seems well made. First trip was to Crete! Just enough extra space and weight allowance in the bag for my other things.
    If your paddles don’t fit neatly in the bag there a solution -talk to Andy.

  2. christopher conley

    This is brilliant. Love it. I wanted a sporty board as I’m a tall paddler and this has turned out better than my expectations. It’s fast and manoeuvrable for me but doubles as a family board as my 9 year old can paddle it no problem. It tracks well, turns easily and is surprisingly stable for someone of my size. Definitely a board to develop skills on. I will almost certainly get another one of these at some point.

  3. Barry Fogarty

    I love this board. Great for improvers, it feels like you can really progress your skills. Although it is a similar width and thickness to the all-round version, it is actually considerable less stable (and consequently more manouvreable and faster). So although its still suitable for a beginner, if you are less confident in your balance my advice would be to look at the Go Anywhere range first. That said, my partner falls into the above category, and while it took her a few goes to find her feet, she prefers this board now too.

    A word on customer service: Andy really cares about customer satisfaction. I had initially bought a budget ‘Go Simple’ board, (now discontinued), and when I queried a cosmetic defect Andy gave me the option of keeping hold of it (along with a small refund for the damage) or exchanging it for a better model after a month or so’s trial. I eventually exchanged it, but what stuck with me above anything was Andy’s focus on my happiness with my purchase over all.

    McConks make great boards, really focus on customer satisfaction, and I recommend their products 100%. What a great family run UK company to support. My next board will definitely be a McConks, thanks Andy!

  4. Kerry G

    A fantastic board that I’m totally in love with. As newbie to SUP I wanted something that would carry some kit for a mini adventure whilst being responsive and turning well. This board is it. It also feels like I’ve got room to grow with it as my technique develops – I get the impression that this board will get better with me rather than me wanting to leave it behind by getting an instant upgrade. It folds down well and the bag is really good quality – with wheels, rucksack straps and plenty of handles which help getting it into the car.

  5. Alan C.

    Same as other board comments

  6. Matthew Brailsford

    Having started SUP’ing on a 10’6” board from another company (not blue or green), then trying a longer touring board (from a different galaxy), I decided I wanted the best of both worlds!

    Enter McConks! I’d seen them online and talked about them with a friend who’d met Andrew, but there was none to try within and hour and a half of me. A few messages later and I was trying the 11’4” Go Explore.

    Now, if I’m brutally honest, I wasn’t sure about this board on my first time out (on glass like water), but I took it out a second time (7-9mph winds) and started to fall in love! Turns out I’d just had a bad day and I was so worried about falling in on the first trip that it turned my legs to jelly! After that and a good talking to by myself, Andrew and another instructor friend, I took it out, threw myself off it, got back on and never looked back!

    I love this board! I weigh about 90kg (honest!… ok, sometimes nearer 93… 95 then!) and am 5’11”. I’m as supple as a concrete lintel. I inflate the board to 18psi and away I go. It feels super rigid and I’m told by people paddling next to me that it sits really well in the water. It’s got D rings aplenty and plenty of storage space and the deck pad feels super grippy.

    Everything about the board and the rest of the kit feels premium quality (I opted for the carbon/bamboo 3 piece paddle) and I love it!

    Price wise, I genuinely believe that McConks are consistently £200 cheaper than other manufacturers at the same or similar standard. Couple that with fantastic communication and customer service and I believe you could do a lot worse with more money!


  7. Rachel

    I bought this board after a lot of research, and absolutely love it. Paddles in a straight line easily, relatively light given the size, and super stable. Everything that comes with it is great quality. Very happy, thanks! 🙂

  8. Barry Spencer

    Excellent build quality, very well thought out design, great non-slip deck, stable, manoeuvreable and great fun.

    My wife and I learned to paddle on holiday in Cornwall

  9. Barry Spencer

    Excellent build quality, very well thought out design, great non-slip deck, stable, manoeuvrable, very good value and tremendous fun.

    Being new to SUP there are probably others better qualified than me to do a review. This is only the second board we’ve used, having learned to paddle this week on holiday, and so we don’t have much to compare it with. That said the quality of the board and paddle are plain to see.

    We had our maiden voyage today at Chelmarsh Sailing Club in Shropshire and Ellen was off like a rocket – the stability of the ride was very confidence-inspiring. After about 500m of paddling I found the sweet spot and was able to drive the board in a straight line without swapping sides and I even managed to sink a rail consistently.

    I really like the kick-pad at the back of the board and I spent a happy half hour practising step back turns (although in reality I was practising self-rescue more often than not). When I got it right it was very rewarding as the board just flew around.

    We went for the carbon fibre shaft/nylon blade paddle upgrade which I feel was money well spent as the paddle felt nicely balanced. I would have liked a better blade but it wasn’t an option. It would be useful if there were index marks on both joints to speed up assembling the paddle although adding my own was simple enough.

    Everything packs up neatly in the bag which also seems robust and the wheels are really useful.

    We paid extra for the better hand pump. It took me about 6 minutes to get up to 19. The pump is all plastic but seemed to the job fine.

    Dealing with McConks was very easy, I like the fact that they are direct to customer and speaking to an experienced paddler at the club, both the company and their boards have an excellent reputation.

    As you can probably tell by now, I think the board is great. As absolute beginners we both found it really easy to paddle and I feel that there is plenty of room to grow with the board as we improve.

  10. Toyah Tomkins

  11. Matt Jones

  12. sam morgan

    The board is a great all rounder used in the canals, rivers and Sea in my local area. It seems far more stable at the higher PSI capacity than cheaper boards.

  13. Paula Bancroft

    Love my board, it’s awesome. Clearly been designed and built well by people who love this sport. I paddle all year, generally in the sea but have had great fun in rivers and canals as well. I’m 5”11 and around 90kg and have great balance on it, yet still fun.

    Team McConks customer service has been spot on, communication was prompt when needed, and resolved a delivery issue promptly.

    Above and beyond is the information / advice videos they put out, loved these in my research stage!

    Thank you team M

  14. Livia Pietromarchi

    I love this board, it is perfect for anyone who is starting paddle boarding and also for those more advanced. It is wide enough for beginners and I find it very stable.

    Also the accessories it comes with are very good quality, the bag is perfect for traveling as it is robust and the wheels are very useful.

    It is clear that as a family run UK company they focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

    In terms of customer service, Andy cares very much and replies to enquiries straight away. When I bought this board, I had also bought the seat that can be mounted to sit down, however it then turned out that this board doesn’t have the correct d-rings to fit the seat: Andy was very understanding, he sent me a refund for the seat but also spare d-rings and glue so that I could stick them on the board and still use the seat.

    Since I bought the board, I have recommended McConks to everybody and I cannot see myself changing brand any time soon.

  15. david partridge

    These boards are just great. Versatile durable and easy to transport. We have used them to tour around the Scillies and scotland. Good glide, robust and still going strong after 3 years. Not the fastest, but great from Ato B in sea and rivers.

  16. Livia Pietromarchi

    Fabulous board, great quality, robust and stable but also very manoeuvrable and good fun in choppy waters. I have had it now for nearly 3 years and it is still in perfect conditions.

    The accessories it comes with are very good quality, the bag is perfect for traveling, sturdy and the wheels are great.

    Andy cares a lot for his customers and will always reply very quickly to any enquiries.

    I cannot see myself changing brand any time soon!

  17. Gareth

    Excellent board and service, it’s so good we bought another one a few months later.
    It’s a great size and buoyancy for one person + kit, but could also easily take 2 x people. Build quality so far seems excellent.
    The only negative point is the bag broke within a few months of owning it, but the actual board is great.

  18. Cathan

    Excellent quality board. My friend’s cheaper boards are already falling apart while this is going strong. Well made and excellent communication from the McConks team. A bit thinner which is a good challenge for balance on rougher waters but super fun. Do recommend!

  19. Christina Coyle

    Great board for stepping up from a beginner or general purpose board. I wanted the compact size mainly for day touring and because I’m not huge (5’3″) and it doesn’t disappoint as there is plenty of room for kit, front and back yet it’s still easy to manoeuvre with more speed than a general board. I’ve taken it on the sea and rivers with various flow and its managed really well and seems very robust. My adult son has only paddled a handful of times but now prefers this board, despite it being more ‘tippy’ than a general purpose board. Great board and very good value.

  20. Roy Poole

    Bought my board eighteen months ago after considerable research. McConks were very helpful and responsive to my questions and some delivery issues in the immediate aftermath of Covid. I would certainly buy from them again if I ever need a new board. Having said that I doubt that I will be needing a new board any time soon. The one I have is excellent, sturdy and well made. Despite my being a newbie to the sport and considerably older than most I had no difficulty using it on the flatter water for which it is designed. It is reasonably stable, it is quick and effortless to paddle and it tracks well. Just what I wanted.

  21. Bethan Greenhalgh

    I absolutely love this board! I had a 10’8 board before, which was good, but I much prefer this. I’ve been paddling for a little while but not ages, so I wanted something a little faster than the Go Anywhere board but nothing too sleek and tippy – this hits the spot. When I was considering the upgrade, Andy at McConks advised me to try them both and suggested a centre where I could compare them. It was a no brainer and that’s the sort of service that will keep me loyal to these guys – they really care.

  22. Ian Jefferyes

    Have used this board many time over the last year since I bought it. Very stable, glides well and good quality materials. Going for this as the slightly shorted explorer board, also means manoverability is great. Have used it both on canals and the sea in France. Buying direct, also means great service.

  23. Jessica Gordon

    Love my board! I have lots of fun using it. My partner can sit on the front of the board whilst I paddle at the back 🙂 suitable for total beginners (like me!) Easy to inflate, transport and carry. Would highly recommend!

  24. Stuart Taylor

    I’ve had my 11.4 for 3 years and it’s been used regularly on local rivers all over Cornwall and France. And I love my board. It’s well built, stable and fairly fast. Looking forward to doing some long distance overnight trips next year for another perspective on SUP exploring. My grandsons also love being on board with granddad.

  25. Ray Loftus

    Excellent piece of kit. Well made and very durable in all waters. Kids love having fun on it along with Cindy the dog who sits very proudly on it Saying, “look at me everyone!”
    Highly recommended.

  26. Tom Buchanan

  27. David (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it!! Moved my paddling experience to max!

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