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Designed by experts and beginners

This board is the culmination of many iterations of prototypes, lots of testing by the very best UK whitewater paddlers (kayak, canoe and SUP), and lots of riding by total beginners to see how the boards perform.

What we’ve ended up with is a knife edge compromise between a board that paddles in a straight line to the run, is a very stable board for total whitewater SUP beginners, holds its line in ferry glides, eddies in and out easily, and yet is loose in river waves.

If that doesn’t sound possible, this is how

Whitewater SUP key features

  • 9’8 x 36″ x 6″ inch board –  stable width and volume,  fun length
  • 6 inch nose rocker – to get you through those wavetrains without sinking the nose
  • 2 inch tail rocker to run out of those features
  • 4 + 1 fins.  Run twin, quad, 2+1, 4+1, or single fin
  • Deckpad with rear stomp-pad to keep your position on the board
  • 30PSI pressure guarantee.  This board will not leak or fail.  Whether it be the Nile, the Zambesi, or the Usk, it will last you forever.
  • Defined/shaped rails on the rear section of the rails.
  • The board is only 11kg with the fins

Like all of McConks packages, the board comes with our premium wheeled rucksack with integral paddle storage, a repair kit, a dual function SUP pump.   There’s also a go pro screw mount on the nose of the board so you can securely record your adventures and exploits without the normal fear of losing your camera.

Note: This board DOES NOT come with a leash.  McConks do no manufacture leashes that are appropriate for whitewater. And some experts contend that one should not use a leash at all in whitewater for safety reasons.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 40 cm


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