Shop soiled: 180 litre Inflatable paddleboard bag | recycled plastic | McConks SUP


Grade A Shop soiled but never used. Might have very small scuffs or patches of dust/dirt that will wipe off.

We all know that the real benefit of inflatable boards is that you can take them anywhere to create your own adventures.

But no matter how robust our iSUP are, moving them around carries the ever present danger of a dodgy baggage handler, or a well meaning but clumsy friend.  So they need a decent bag to prolong their lives (the boards, not your friends or baggage handlers!).   Our SUP bags are made from toughened materials that have been designed to the nth degree to both protect, and make your life easier.  They can cope with sun, sea, sand and even baggage handlers! 

Only 5 left in stock


    Sustainable protection

    Shop soiled from storage but never used.  Excellent condition – comes with one year guarantee

    • 1m x 45cm x 40cm
    • Fully adjustable, padded, high wicking shoulder and hips straps with chunky buckles
    • Multi terrain wheels – some of the largest wheels on SUP bags out there mean you pull this on difficult terrain with ease
    • Strap stash – all of the straps can be stored safely inside the ingenious bag, making it easier to pull on the wheels, and protecting them from the elements and baggage handlers!
    • Large internal opening (180l)
    • Zip on three sides allowing front to open like a door, making it easy to load your SUP back in when cold and tired!
    • A pocket on the front that’s actually large enough to hold your single action pump, leash, fins and other accessories
    • 4x compression straps (2 on each side) that allow you reduce the total size of the bag
    • Side gauze strips allowing you to store a wet board for short period of time without risk of mould
    • Comfortable handles on 5 sides of the bag, making it a doddle to manhandle the bag into / out of tight car boots
    • Wheels and base plastic made out of recycled plastic bottles

    Additional information

    Weight 3 kg
    Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm


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