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Searching – another essential stand up paddle boarding (and life) skill.

Just as with waiting, which we talked about here, searching is another essential stand up paddle boarding skill. But what are we searching for you ask? There are a whole load of search related SUP topics you could list, as you can see below…

  • Searching for the right day, with the right weather to get out for a paddle.
  • Searching for the right put in.
  • Search for a safe take out spot.
  • Searching for a pumping swell forecast.
  • Searching for the right information regarding your next stand up paddle board purchase.
  • Searching for general SUP knowledge.
  • Searching for a quality SUP instructor to help you progress.
  • Searching for your next paddle purchase.
  • Searching for sunny skies and warmer air temps.
  • Searching for happier times.
  • Searching for inspiration.
  • Searching for your post-SUP snack.
  • Searching for your vehicle keys having ended your SUP session in the dark.
  • Searching for a SUP buddy to share you paddling experiences with.
  • Searching out that secret paddling spot that nobody else knows about.
  • Searching for a dry wetsuit that isn’t clogging up the back of your van.
  • Searching for pain relief having tweaked a muscle whilst stand up paddling.
  • Searching for a way to get more SUP time in the bag.
  • Searching for a better way to transport your stand up paddle board.
  • Searching for a house closer to the coast.
  • Searching a better work/life balance.
  • Searching for the ultimate SUP fuel up food.
  • Searching for a safe, but fun, line through the rapids.
  • Searching for a SUPlementary discipline that compliments your paddling life.
  • Searching out your next stand up paddle boarding trip.
  • Searching for a sign it’ll all come good in the end.

What’s your ultimate SUP search tip?

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