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Rockin’ the bobble – essential McConks winter headwear.

Here at McConks we’ve spoken about what to wear when paddle boarding a lot. Whilst it’s important to keep your body, hands and feet covered with appropriate attire your head also needs something to ensure that warmth stays in. as autumn starts to give way to winter any SUP boarder needs to be adding extra layers. And that includes beanie hats.

But hats aren’t confined to being worn only when afloat. A decent quality hat can serve the purpose when on land too. Especially if it’s a stylish and quality type. Selling not only SUP and watersports McConks can also sort you out with headwear. Wear it for about town strolls but also when off paddling. In all cases a McConks beanie hat will serve you well whatever your wants/needs.

Check out the following images of McConks beanie hats in use.

Hit up the links below to see a selection of McConks hats and product listing. As always, if you have any questions get in touch.

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