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Main pic: The Surrey Hills Adventure Co.

Whilst McConks are predominantly about stand up paddle boarding – at least as far as perceptions go – we’re extremely enthusiastic about getting on the water whatever the discipline. Our history includes windsurfing and surfing, with stand up paddle boarding coming a little later. More recently we’ve been dabbling with alternative methods of brine enjoyment. If you weren’t already aware of our Fly McConks eFoil line and Skatewheel hoverboard range then check them out here –

Suffice to say it’s all about fun and riding everything to maximise your enjoyment in the drink. As stand up paddle boarders we’re in position to capitalise on a broad range of weather conditions. The versatility of SUP’s tangible. Whatever stretch of water you find yourself your trusty SUP board will get you amongst it. Surf, white water, pan flat H2O and everything else in between. And it’s this wide breadth of versatility that opens rider minds to even more possibility – it doesn’t just have to stop with SUP.

Many paddlers who found stand up have progressed to disciplines like outrigger canoe, as one example. This is perhaps obvious with OC utilising a single bladed propulsion methods as stand up paddling does. Paddling, however, doesn’t have to mean using an ‘implement’ though. Paddling using your arms and hands can be the most natural, which is where prone paddle boarding comes in – another sport that crosses paths with SUP.

And then there are the activities of surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and al that jazz that perfectly compliment stand up. Windy hobbies fade to nothing when the breeze disappears, at which point enter SUP to take the strain when you’re becalmed. 2020 saw a raft of already inducted watersportsees get involved with stand up for those days when there’s no blow.

The depth of watersports is vast (no pun intended) which we’re all free to discover. If you choose to stick with one activity then fine. For riders with an open mind then ride everything, enjoy it all and live your best life on the water.

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