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Ready for the weekend – August Bank Holiday SUPin’s all good (some boards still in stock!)

It’s nearly the weekend – August Bank Holiday weekend 2020 to be precise. Whilst it’s been a strange year in many ways there’s one thing that isn’t changing: everyone loves a Bank Holiday Weekend. And with this one incoming it’ll be no different. On a plus the storms we’ve experienced this week have sloughed off with only remnant conditions left. By and large this’ll disappear as well and come Sunday, broadly speaking, there should be much lighter airs. You may still need to seek a bit of shelter (locally) but we’re pretty confident decent stand up paddle boarding conditions will be found. So it’s definitely worth making the most of it. General weather doesn’t look too bad either, with healthy amounts of sunshine and moderate temperatures.

Here at McConks we’ve had an unprecedented year, as has been spoken about. That said we still have some boards left for you that’ll land in time for the weekend if ordered in the next few days. Our Go Race V 14, which can easily double as a touring SUP, is waiting, ready to ride. The tech that’s gone into this iSUP is top drawer – even if we do say so ourselves. Not least the removable fin box. We also have some of the nimble, fun Go Skate 7’2 inflatables left which are perfect for anyone looking for manoeuvrability in surf or on moving river waterways. And there’s a whole load of SUP paddles and accessories ready to enhance your overall SUP experience. Head over to the shop for a nose and to place your order. Let us know if you have any questions about anything.

Check out the full specs of both boards below –

Go Race V 14

Go Skate 7’2

If any boards are ordered before 12:00 noon today (Thursday 27 August) it would arrive on Friday. After 12:00 noon today it’ll arrive on Saturday 29 August.

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