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Quietly achieving – ignoring social media ‘noise’ and doing your own SUP thing…

Pic: David Hugh/Brighton Pictures

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse. Even for us here at McConks the pluses often equal the minuses. Yet we all continue to use social media, in its varying forms, possibly too much.

One issue with social – at least from a stand up paddle boarding point of view – is the competitive element that permeates. Incessantly posting about never ending ‘achievements’ can make paddlers who aren’t as obsessive think they should be doing the same. It could be as insignificant as sharing pics every time he/she goes for a paddle, painting a picture of an idyllic SUP lifestyle where every waking moment is spent afloat. Even though, having cut through the Facebook vs real life element it’s blindingly obvious this isn’t the case.

And then there’s the pro side of things which can be even worse for mental health and morale. On one hand team riders are there to promote SUP, products and lifestyle. Yet endless streaming of vids and sunny, blue sky content (when you’re stuck under cobalt grey overheads) will serve only to switch the ‘green man’ on. Envy and jealousy (we all suffer from it whatever anyone says) does in many situations the complete opposite of inspiring, serving only to increase feelings of inadequacy that you/I aren’t getting out as much or nailing that move and so on… When in actual fact you’re stand up paddle boarding ‘achievements’ can be just as worthy, whatever level of experience you are.

There’s many an argument for taking a social media break and coming away from all the white noise. It’ll do your head space no end of good. And take it from us when we say that if you’re quietly achieving then at some point this’ll be recognised anyway. You don’t need to shout about it and compare to others. Instead, one day, you may suddenly find the paddler you once were has been left for dust in the rearview, replaced by someone altogether more accomplished. From a personal SUP development point of view this is awesome and proves you don’t need to ‘shout loudly’ on social to tell others you how good you are.

Go for a paddle; enjoy the journey and be as content with your progress as you can.

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