The best kid’s specific stand up paddle boarding products from McConks SUP. If you’re looking for child friendly stand up paddle boarding gear – from boards to paddles, clothing and accessories – then this is where you’ll find all you need.

As a family ourselves McConks knows the fun your offspring can have aboard a stand up paddle board. At first, you may be simply be paddling your kids round aboard your own SUP. Perhaps they then start showing signs of wanting to get involved by taking control of the paddle. In time there may be a desire to actually do the thing fully, which is where McConks’ kid SUP shop comes in.

Children and younger paddlers require differently configured SUP gear to that of adults. Their smaller frames, shorter limbs and lesser reach means adult sized SUPs and paddles aren’t really fit for purpose. McConks therefore aims to provide stand up paddle boarding equipment that’ll suit your pride and joys down to the ground. And proper SUP gear at that! Just more in line with your child’s geometry.

Check out the goodies below. Or better yet, have your kids tell you what’s what – as only they can…